Hiccstrid The Love Of Two Sides

Hiccstrid The Love Of Two Sides

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Hiccstrid Queen By JasmineHeartCrystall Updated Aug 15, 2018

"M'lady can we keep on meeting up with each other at the cove plz"I asked looking down at her Angel face.

"Of course. But no one can know so it's our little secret deal"she said putting her hand on my face.


Before I could speak she pulled my head down and my lips connected with hers I didn't hesitate to kiss back but we had to soon pull away.

The Haddocks and the Hoffersons have been at war for years. When Hiccup's mother was killed and when Astrid's father was murdered the war had started. But when Astrid the daughter of Ingrid Hofferson and Hiccup the son of Stoick The Vast meet up what will they do. Will they be able to stop this war or will it become worse for the two tribes?

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