The Revenge

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I was with my best friend Fishlegs to discuss the revenge plan for the Hoffersons, after 9 hours of brainstorming Fishlegs had come up with a brilliant plan.


"What, what"I asked half asleep.

"We are going to destroy the chiefs house"said Fishlegs while dancing.

Fishlegs plan was amazing how come I didn't think of that, it was very good I loved it and I'm pretty sure dad would love it. We decided to attack at night so we didn't get seen, I told dad of the plan and he absolutely loved it. It was now nightfall so me and Fishlegs got on our dragons and took off with dad behind us, after 1 hour we arrived and Fishlegs started to put the monstrous nightmare gel that we found around the house. We were about to set it off when a dragon came with a rider, and started to call for help. We saw people come out and the chiefs wife we knew we had to lite the gel now, I took out my flame sword but before I could move the rider came down and took it out of my hand I saw her face and I was frozen her hair was golden in a side braid, crystal ocean blue eyes that you could just stare into them not getting bored, creamy skin and perfect shaped lips I just stood there frozen.

I saw three dragon riders trying  trying to destroy my house i instantly knew that the big one was the chief, the fat one is a friend and the guy on the night fury must be the chiefs son. I saw his face when he was going to light the gel on fire he had dark green forest eyes, perfectly shaped lips, creamy skin and messy auburn hair witch I found cute..... wait I didn't just say cute. I can't believe it he's a killer, mean and rude, I quickly took the sword out of his hand and I saw him look at me and froze. After I grabbed  the sword they left knowing that they had lost another victory for the Hoffersons hahaha.

Sorry if it was bad I didn't really know what to do for the chapter so I just came up with this anyway I hope you liked it.

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