Meet Hiccup

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It was sunset, I was riding on Toothless's back watching the sun go down as I always do at this time. I love Toothless with all my heart he was my 5th birthday present that my mother gave me before they killed her right in front of my eyes it was terrible, and that's the reason I have hated them. I was thinking about how much I hate the Hoffersons for what they have done to me, I quickly snapped back to reality when Toothless purred.

"I'm okay bud, don't you worry."I said while patting him as he purred witch means okay.

I soon realised how late it was so I decided to head back, after I take another ride around Berk. The next day flew by, I got out of bed and went downstairs only to see my dad angry, I instantly knew it was either the council or the Hoffersons just the mention of that name makes my blood boil.

"Dad what's wrong"I asked trying to get him to calm down.

"It's the Hoffersons, last night they came into Berk and destroyed the stables."my dad said extremely mad.

"WHAT, did any of the the dragons get hurt."I said while turning my hands go white.

"Luckily no but there is a lot of damage to be repaired."he said calming down.

"Thank Thor no one got hurt, but we need to get revenge tonight."

"Absolutely son, yer in charge of the revenge."

You see this is why I hate them they destroy our stuff and hurt people I'm absolutely sick of them. Get ready Hoffersons your going down tonight hahaha.

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