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I'm back with a new chapter of the story, sorry that I haven't updated recently. I'm so sorry if it's bad but here you go.


As the bright, gleaming sun rays shined through the entrance of the cave where two lovers lay asleep. Astrid's eyes began to flutter open, as she looked up she saw the most handsomest face she had ever seen, she smiled at the memory last night. She noticed that he was asleep so she drifted off to sleep again, as she drifted back off to sleep Hiccup woke up.

He smiled down at her and brought his hand up to Astrid's face and tilted her head to meet his head. He brought his head down to hers, as his lips connected with hers Astrid woke up and kissed him back. Hiccup pulled back and gazed lovingly at Astrid as Astrid did the same, Hiccup was about to say something but was cut off by Astrid speaking.

"Good morning Hiccup"she said as she brought her hand up to his face.


I brought my hand up too Hiccups face and brushed some of his hair that was over his beautiful dark forest green eyes. He smiled down at me.

Should I tell him?

No I can't.

But I have to.

Before I could speak a Monstrous Nightmare came in the cove and Hiccup turned over and stood up. Before I could react the Monstrous Nightmare grabbed me in his claws as Hiccup laughed.

"AHHHHH" I screamed as I sat up.


I heard Astrid scream so I jolt up to see her beautiful blue eyes red and puffy.

"Astrid shhh it's okay it was just a nightmare" I reassured her and held her in my arms as she cried harder.

"Oh H-Hiccup, I-It felt s-so real"she stuttered out as the cold wind from the outside blew onto Astrid.

Astrid shivered at the winds coldness, I tightened my grip around her waist and brought one of my hands and stroked her golden locks. She began to calm down and fall asleep after I whispered something into her ear and she was out in the flash. After Astrid fell asleep I laid back down and drifted off to sleep.

The next day I woke up to see Astrid still asleep, I smiled down at her. I felt her body shift next to mine as her eyelids began to flutter open revealing her crystal ocean blue eyes.

"Hiccup what's wrong?" Astrid asked me as she smiled up at me.

"Nothing. Just admiring your beauty" I said as she blushed.

I chuckled softly as Astrid glared holes at me. If looks could kill I'd be one thousand yards down.

"Shut up Haddock" Astrid mumbled faintly but I could still here her, her arms folded over her chest making her breasts bounce slightly.

"But I'm your Haddock right?" I asked her as I took her hands and smirked at her.

"Yea. You are my Haddock" she replied to me in a sweet voice that made my heart clench.

I leaned forward, my lips just grazing hers before she fully put her lips on mine. Like every time I kiss her sparks seem to fly out everywhere all over the place.

I will need some characters in the future so tell me in the comments if you want to be apart of this story. If you do put the characters name, age, hair colour, skin colour, siblings, personality and they're dragon name and species. That's all I hope you liked it.

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