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~no ones~

As a blanket of pitch black covered the sky, in a cave the two people were giggling romantically at each other. Hiccup suddenly got up and went to the rocky entrance of the cave he looked at the sky when he did Astrid just wondered if he was okay. She was going to get up and go over to him as he just stood there but Hiccup stopped her.

"M'lady it's pitch black out there"

Hiccup walked over to Astrid who was looking up at him before he picked her up in his arms bridal style.


Hiccup and I were giggling romantically at each other when Hiccup suddenly got up and walked up to the rocky entrance. He just stared at the sky for a couple of minutes, I decided to look at what he was looking at but he spoke.

"M'lady it's pitch black out there."

Hiccup looked at me and smiled at me sweetly as he walked over to me and picked me up bridal style, I could feel my cheeks burning up. As my cheeks were burning up I heard him chuckle and put his head in my neck, this made my cheeks turn more red. He took his head out of my neck and smiled at me while he walked to where I laid down when I got burned.


I walked over to Astrid who was looking at me as I picked Astrid up bridal style, it made me chuckle when I saw her cheeks burn up. I decided to make her blush even more by putting my head in her neck taking in her scent that I loved. I pulled my head out of her neck and walked over to where she laid down before.

"Let's get some sleep M'lady. You need sleep to get better."

She just smiled at me romantically and she nodded at me sweetly before I placed her down on the ground gently before lying down also. I put my Arma around her waist and pulled her in as she put her hands on my chest.

"M'lady can we keep on meeting up with each other at the cove plz"I asked looking down at her Angel face.

"Of course. But no one can know so it's our little secret deal"she said putting her hand on my face.


Before I could speak she pulled my head down and my lips connected with hers I didn't hesitate to kiss back but we had to soon pull away. Once we pulled away she laid her head up against my chest as I hid my face in her silky golden locks.

"Goodnight beautiful"I muttered with my face in her glossy locks.

~no ones~

She smiled before she drifted off to sleep as Hiccup did too know they have their own little secret to keep. Hiccup smiled at the thought of seeing her again and how happy they will be but however their parents are extremely worried.

Sorry if it's bad and short I'm very tired to continue I had finished at 11.29PM again sorry that it's bad and short anyway hoped you liked it.

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