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Im so so sorry of my absence I've had way too much IRL stuff happening but I had too make a chapter today because of this video up top. I absolutely cried at it. I would very appreciate it if I can at least get one comment on this and three votes for me to make the next one. Yes I know it's short but at least I finally updated but anyway you can thank the video for this chapter.


I arrived home and saw that there was no one out and about. This is weird normally people are out and about in the streets. I walked up to my house and opened the door. There in the middle of the room sat my mother and Spitelout, Snotlout's dad

She was yelling non stop at Spitelout. I coughed to make myself seen. This caused my mother to look at me. Her eyes widened as she saw me. I walked towards her.

"Astrid where were you darling?" She asked. Luckily I had already thought of something to say. I think.

"I was busy studying the Haddocks mother" I replied my inner self jumping around. My mum smiled and nodded before turning to Spitelout. "You see she is safe. Snotlout will not become chief."

Hang on what. So if I didn't come home Snotlout would become chief. Umm no way in Valhalla will that happen. Spitelout glared at my mother and I before walking out and towards his own.

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