Meet Astrid

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I was rooming around the beautiful village my dad had created before he had died, he had died 12 years ago when I was 4 all because of them the Haddocks. The Hoffersons and the Haddocks have never really liked each other, actually we used to be allies but that changed when I was born. Mum and dad were to concerned about me because something went wrong when I was born and then the Haddocks decided to not be allies anymore and that's when war had started between the Haddocks and the Hoffersons. So that's why we absolutely hate them and for killing my father. As I walked through the village I saw everyone laughing and smiling, I saw my friends Tuffnut, Ruffnut and ~sigh~ Snotlout.

"Hey guys what are you laughing at."I asked confused at why they were laughing.

"Oh just we blew up the Haddocks dragon stables up last night remember. Pff hahahaha"said Snotlout while laughing.

Yes we blew up there stables and you must think that it's mean, well your wrong. They deserve to lose everything because of what they have done I absolutely hate them.

"Yeah that was absolutely funny hahaha, anyway I need to take StormFly out for a morning ride see ya later bye"I said walking away towards StormFly.

I quickly got on top of StormFly and set of, whenever I'm in the air with her I feel free and forget all about that day but however that ends and the day when my dad died comes back. My friends are really worried about me I can't let them see me scared of sad because I am the Fearless Astrid Hofferson. I didn't know that it was sunset when StormFly snapped me back to reality, if your wondering what species she is well she's a Deadly Nadder, I knew my mum would be worried about me so I decided to head back down after I go around the island and go have a look at the statue of my dad. Can you believe it my dad built the statue all by himself I still miss him and I wish he was down here but mum keeps saying he's in a better place. My mother also keeps telling me that the cheifs son is rude, mean and a killer, I can't believe he's going to be the Haddocks new chief maybe that explains why there so cruel ~sigh~ guess I should go back now seeing as I have another 3 hours before bed and I'm 4 hours away from home.

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