Part 4

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Myra's POV:

The ride was long and boring.  I sat next to the bald guy with sunglasses.  I looked over at him as he sat straight up against his seat. He didn't look at me, or acknowledge that I was there, but only when I tried to get up. He looked straight at the open doorway of the helicopter. I looked at the redhead as he steered us in the direction of wherever they were taking me too.  He looked in the window at the ground below every once in awhile.   I huffed as I sat there, getting impatient as the fear took over.  "Oh settle down kid, you're fine" the redhead said from the driver seat. I gulped as I tried to settle. I looked over at him as I got a little angry at the both of them.  "What do you want with me?" The read head just smiled as he stopped driving the helicopter.   "Hang on, we're going down" he said as the helicopter lowered and became more quiet.

The red head shut it off as he started getting out.  "Ok, you got the kid?" he asked the bald one.  The bald man nodded as he stood up. "Start moving kid" he said as he stood up tall.  I looked at him with anger.  "Your plan is not going to work" I said as I narrowed my eyes at him. He pulled out his pistol as he spoke.  "Then let's make this easier.  You start moving or else." I gulped as I slowly got up and headed out to  meet the red head.  The redhead stood there smiling as he clapped his hands together once.  "Alright follow me" he said as he walked towards a door on the roof.  I looked around the roof as I pulled away from them and started to run.  I stopped right when they cocked their guns.  "You're not getting out of this little girl"  the redhead said as he came and guided me to the door, with the bald one behind us.

We walked through the halls while people in suits stared at me with anger and creepy smiled.  What is this place? Why were they all dressed the same?   I stared at a few people as they murmured to each other and staring at me.  I stopped to find a red headed girl that looked oddly familiar.  "Is that the girl that Zack knew?" I thought to myself.   I just looked at the people as the one behind me shifted his gun to my back.  "Walk" he said as we continued.  I still thought as I followed.  "Ok, this is one of the most creepiest places ever" I thought to myself. We walked passed them as they continued to talk amongst themselves. 

I followed as they brought me to a door.  It looked strange, no guards or anything on it to block it. The redhead huffed as he turned to face me.  I was too scared to look up at him. "Ok kid, can you look at me for a minute?" I huffed as I ignored him. He huffed as he bent down and whipped my chin with his hand so I faced him.  "Look at me when I speak to you. Ok, were going through that door.  You be good and do exactly what we tell you too. Do you understand me?" I nodded as I gulped. "Yes" I said shyly. He stood up and smiled. "Good girl" he said as he turned towards the door.  Once the door was opened we entered the room.  It was a small, dark room with a metal arm chair and a couple of tables. The guy behind me, pushed me towards it and stood me in front of the chair.  "Sit" he said, and I obeyed.

The three of us sat there as a few more people entered behind us, as the door locked.  I sat there feeling the fear rush through my body, as I sat there in silence. I sat there in fear as a man in a white suit, walked over around the other side.  "Ok, let's see here" he said as he sat and went through some papers on the table.  I just watched him in silence. "Alright, can all of you give us some privacy?" he said as all the people in suits left the room.  "Rude, stand guard outside" he said as the bald one nodded and shut the door.  "Ok, I am going to ask you some questions, you give me the honest truth, understood?" I nodded as another guy in a suite joined us.  The man shifted in his chair as he spoke.  

"Alright, I'm Rufus and i'm just wanting to ask you questions. They'll be no weapons unless you try to run.  Please be honest and give us as much as you know.  Understood?" I nodded silently as I sat there, trying to relax, seeing that I was scared as it was already.  "Alright. Who are you and how old are you?" he said as he grabbed a pen from the desk.  "My name is Myra Strife and i'm 14 years old" I said, a little shy but clear.  He looked like he was taking notes as he continued.  "Ok and who do you live with?"  I gulped a bit before answering.  "I live in a base with my parents." "Who are your parents names?" I gulped before I continued.  "Cloud and Aerith Strife."  He stopped writing as he looked up at me. "Did you say Cloud Strife?" I nodded as I gulped again. Rufus just smiled as he stared at me.  "So your Clouds daughter? This is going to be easier as I thought." I wanted to speak, but he didn't tell me too.

He smiled as he started typing at the laptop by him.  "What are you doing sir?" one of the guys asked.  "I think we should give Mr and Mrs. Strife a little call" he said as he pressed the keys on his computer. Before he did anything else, he turned to me. "Ok, I want you to be as silent as you can while we're doing this, got it?" I nodded as I kept silent.  He pressed a key, as his computer called and dad answered. "Shindra!" I heard his voice say.  I started to cry as I heard it.  I was too scared and wanted to go back home.  Rufus looked at me with a smile, as he continued.  "So have any family members missing, Cloud?" Dad gasped as everything went quiet.  "You better not lay a hand on my daughter" Dad said angrily.  Rufus smile as he nodded.  "She's fine, for now. Would you and your wife want to say hi?" He turned his screen my way as my mom joined my dad. My mom was crying and my dad gasped in shock.  "Myra, are you ok?" I nodded as I huffed.  "I'm fine dad." "Myra, you behave and do exactly what they say. I'm going to find you and bring you home. Just hang on, Alright?" I nodded as I a tear dripped down my cheek. "Alright, be good.  We love you" he said as my mom hugged him as she cried.  "Love you too, Dad."

After we were done, Rufus spun the screen back towards him. "I got to say, very cute kid you have here Cloud" he said as he looked at me.  I heard dad grunt. "You won't hurt her, will you?" Rufus sighed before he spoke.  "Not yet. This is how it's going to work, you turn yourself in and we'll let her go. If not, and you decide to fight, I'll have the rest of the Turks kill her. It's your choice."  Dad gasped.  "Don't hurt her Rufus." Rufus smiled as he got ready to end the call. "You have twenty-four hours to give us your answer. If you don't answer within those hours, i'll have her killed.  Your choice" he said as he exited the call.  Smiling, he swung back around. "Well, that went better than I expected." I stayed quiet as I looked at him. "Now, what to do with you in the meantime?" He sat back as he thought. I gulped as I waited patiently. "Rude, put Myra in one of the empty bedrooms. And make sure she can't get out." Rude nodded as he came in and directed me out of the room. "Oh and Myra" Rufus said as we headed out. I stopped to look at him as he smiled. "You going to be fun to work with" he said with a smile. And with that, we headed out of the room.

We ended going up to the next floor of the bulding and walked down the hall. It was the empty except for our footsteps.  I followed as I thought of running again, but being in a enemy base, it wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. We ended up going to another door as one of the guys unlocked it. "Alright, go in" he said as he opened the door. I stepped through and looked around the room.  It was a nice looking bedroom, with a bed, closet and attached bathroom. The bed was neatly made with a couple of white sheets lying across it, neatly.  A pillow sat on top of the sheets. There was a window that had no shades but a very nice view to it.  I looked out of it as this Rude guy spoke. "Ok ,we'll check on you later. Be good when we come in" he said. "What?" I said, turning but the door was shut and the guy was gone. I builded my eyes out as I ran towards the door. I pulled and wiggled the handle, but it didn't budge.  "I'm stuck in here" I thought to myself.  I turned and ran for the window, trying to open it or break it but nothing worked. I huffed as I sat on the bed and lied down. "Dad, you're going to die and it's all my fault" I said out loud.

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