Part 5

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Clouds POV:

I paced around the kitchen in a panic. Aerith was watching me at the table. She huffed, got up and walked over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder as she spoke. "Hun, pacing won't do anything, We'll figure this out. I know we will." I looked at her as I started stressing. "Hun, they have Myra and they'll kill her if I don't." I huffed as I continued to pace. Aerith huffed as the door rung. She walked up to the door and opened it, as Zack smiled.  "Hello Mrs, Strife. Is Myra home?"  Aerith shook her head. "No Zack, she's not. But you're welcome to come in." Zack smiled as he nodded, then entered. 

He looked at me as his smile faded. "Mr. Strife, is something wrong?" I huffed as I got more stern. "Did you take her out of the base?" Zack looked at him confused. "Come again?" "Did you take her out of the base, yes or no and be honest." I said as I stepped closer to him.  Zack shook his head. "No, but I took her to see the lake down the hall."  I huffed. "Did you go near the window?" He nodded. "She wanted to see the view, and actually she saw the Shinra troops first. They shot the window and snatcher her before I could do anything." I huffed as I darted a glare at him.  "Zack I told you no." "It's not my fault she wanted to, I just wanted to help seeing how she was never outside the base." I looked at him angrily. "Zack, that was the biggest reason I didn't want you too. Now because of you, she's going to be killed." I stepped towards him more but Aerith stopped me. "Hun, stop. You know he would never do it on purpose."  I looked at her. "But now they have Myra." I huffed as I started to walk out. "I'm going to save Myra." Zack jumped out in front of me. "Cloud, I love Myra as much as you do, I'll risk myself to save her, you just stay away as much as possible. Please, I'll protect her." 

I huffed as Aerith touched my shoulder.  "Hun, I think you should let him do it. Plus, you can't go near Shindra." I looked at her. "No, but if I don't they'll kill her." "I'll make sure she's away fast" Zack said as he stood tall and solder like. I looked at Aerith as I huffed.  "Alright Zack, go save Myra.  Just be careful and bring her home safe."  Zack smiled as he nodded. "You can count on me, Mr. Strife." "Alright, be safe, Zack" I said as we watched him leave. I looked at Aerith as I led my head on her shoulder.  She gently rubbed my back as she spoke. "It's alright hun, she'll come home safe. We just got to trust Zack." I huffed as I lifted my head.  "Your right. Zack just has to be safe."

Aerith smiled at me as I left the room. I walked down the hall just thinking of how Myra was feeling at the moment.  I sat on a window sill as I looked out at the nature. I sighed as I thought. "Why did she have to go through all this?" I looked back at the outside as I gripped my fist. "It's all their fault." I said as I looked up at the sky.  "Why Shidra? Why?" I sat there, looking at the sky, as my hope started to fade. I huffed once more then looked down at my hand. "Be careful Zack, and don't get caught."

I huffed as I saw a phone on the floor.  It was a pink flip phone with black bands on the sides. I huffed as I flipped open the phone and read the text from Zack. It went like this: Myra, hang on. Your hero is on his way. I'm comming to save you but hide your phone from the troops. You can't let them know I'm comming, not even Cissnei. Stay safe. I'm comming.

I shook my head as I huffed. "Zack you're so stupid sometimes" I said to myself.  I closed Myra's phone as  I placed it down on the table. I sat back on the sill and looked outside.  I just thought of what I should've done before they took her.  I slouched on the sill as I saw Aerith walk up and put her hand on my shoulder.  "We'll get her back, hun." I huffed as she bent and came closer, wrapping an arm around me.  I leaned up against her, kissed her cheek and lied my head on her shoulder. While I let the tears drip down my face, Aerith pulled me closer to her, and started to rub my back.  "Hun, I failed" I said, feeling like all hope was lost. "Shhh, if she plays it safe and Zack get's to her on time, she'll come back." I pulled back from her and stood. She watched me as I extended my hand. "Let's go home and rest" I said tired. She smiled, took my hand as she stood. Together we walked back home for the night.

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