Part 8

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Clouds POV:

I paced around the living room as I glanced outside the window a couple of timed.  I huffed every time as I did, then continued to pace. Aerith came out of the kitchen with a tray that contained a pitcher of hot water, a couple of mugs, a box of tea bags and some bowls of soup. She walked over to the table, carefully put the tray down and sat on the couch.  She lifted her head as she gently spoke.  "Here, sit and have something to eat" she said as she pulled out a couple of spoons.  I looked at her as I huffed.  "No thanks, hun. Too worried at the moment."  She huffed as she looked down then back up.  "Hun, you haven't eaten all day today, so please have some soup. It will help." I shook my head. "I will eat, but nothing will help until she's home."

I sat on the couch and grabbed a bowl and a spoon.  I took a couple of bites, then swirled my spoon through the soup.  I huffed as I looked at it.  "Why did I let Zack go find her?" Aerith huffed as she scooted closer to me. "Zack loves her as much as we do.  He was glad to do it."  "But, Zack is too childish to do anything.  He's going to get her killed."  Aerith put her bowl down and scooted closer. She rested her head on my shoulder as she grabbed my hand and started to stroke it with her thumb.  Immediately, I felt the regret and pain go right through me.  "I shouldn't of been to strict on her" I said as I thought.  Aerith, moved her head to face me as she listened.  "I'm a bad father and it's my fault all of this happened." She sat up and placed one of her hands on my shoulder. "It's not your fault hun" she said in a comforting voice.  I huffed as I looked up at her.  "If only I didn't be too strict. None of this would ever happened."  "Hun, you just wanted her safe. That's all." I stood up as I got an idea.  "I'm going after them, even if I have to die in the process" I said as I headed towards the door.  I grabbed my sword as Aerith came into the entryway.  "Hun, they'll kill you." "Hun, they have our daughter. I am not going to sit home and watch her die."  "Cloud, they want you dead and I can't take care of Myra on my own.  She's OUR daughter."  I huffed before I spoke.  "Stay here, I'm going after them and there's nothing you can do to make me change my mind."  And with that, I left.

I angrily walked down the hall, carrying my sword behind me as I came up to Prompto. He looked at me funny. "Uh Cloud, where you going?" "I'm going to find Myra, even if it kills me" I said as I passed him. He ran up and stopped me. "But who will protect you?" I looked at him as I huffed. "I don't need protection.  I'll be fine." I started to walk again as he grabbed my shoulder to stop me. "You can't stop me Prompto" I said strictly at him.  Prompto smiled as he placed the end of his gun on his shoulder. "I'm not stopping you, i'm joining you" he said with a smile.  I huffed as I nodded.  "Alright, but let's hurry" I said as we both ran to the exit.

We jogged to the garage where he kept his car.  I studied it as Gladiolus joined us.  He wrapped an arm around Prompto as he rubbed his head with his knuckles. "Where you going little buddy?" He said to Prompto.  Prompto chucked his arm off him as he motioned me into the car. "No time, saving Myra and Zack" he said as he opened the door and got in.  I got into the side next to him.  Prompto started the car as Gladiolus smiled.  "I want in on the action" he said as he got into the back.  Prompto started the car, as we drove out of the parking spot and went on our way.

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