Part 3

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A few hours after driving, I managed to feel more sleepy, but something kept telling me not to fall asleep.  I looked out the window as I watched the trees go by as we passed them. They looked like pine trees, with their needles flowing gently in the wind, and how the sky brightened in the background behind.  We were all silent except for my thoughts that just kept me going.  Each minute that went by, I became more tired and didn't want to fall asleep. I looked to see what everyone else was doing.  Ignus was chilling behind the wheel, Gladiolus was on his phone doing who knows what, Prompto was sleeping(and also snoring) and Noctis was looking out the window, beyond the car.  

I stared out the window as I was thinking.  I came to the conclusion that I was outside the base, and away from my parents.  I also disobeyed my dad with leaving, but if he heard about the reason why, he would understand. Yep, I was totally grounded for it. I sighed as I thought of Zack and how he was dealing with it.  I missed him already. I started to stare out the window as Noctis looked my way.  "Hey, you ok Myra?" he asked as he nudged my side.  I snapped out of my gaze to look at him.  "What?" I asked confused. He huffed as he spoke.  "I asked if you're alright. You were staring."  "Oh, yeah. I'll be alright." Noctis looked over from the window.  "Wanna talk about it?" he asked as he looked at me more.  "No, i'll be fine."   He shrugged then went back to what he was doing. 

He looked up as his mouth widened.  "Uh, Ignus. You might wana go into trees."  "What did you say?" Ignus asked.  "I said you might..." Noct said as something hit the road by the car, making it slide across the road.  Out of reaction,  Noctis grabbed me to protect me and Prompto grabbed onto him for dear life. The car finished sliding and stopped on all floors. "Ok, we're going on foot" Ignus said as we all got out of the car and started to run away from the scene. We started to run out into the woods as a black car pulled up, with the helicopter hovering around us.  The helicopter shined it's light at us, even though it was still daylight, while people in suits got out of the car. There was two that got out of the car.  One was a big guy, with dark sunglass.  He didn't say anything, just swung out what looked like a gun as he pointed it to us.  The other was a shorter guy with red hair and what looked like goggles.

They both pointed their guns at us as they came closer. "Well, what do we have here?" The redhead asked as they came closer.  Prompto pulled me behind him as he took out his pistol and pointed it at the both of them.  The redhead chuckled as he clapped his hands together.  "You can't protect her forever. You do understand that right?"  Prompto darted an evil glare at him as he tightened on his grip.  "You will never lay your hands on her."  "That's what you think" the guy in sunglasses said as he came closer.  Me and Prompto started to back up as he walked.  "Ok, give us the kid, and I don't kill you" He said as Prompto almost tripped over me.  

"You will have her over my dead body" Prompto said as we backed up more.  The guy smiled as he aimed straight at Prompto.  "Then let's make you a dead body" he said as he clenched the gun.  We stopped as Prompto gulped.  "Rude, let's grab the kid and get outta here" The redhead yelled from behind. The man pushed Prompto on the ground as he grabbed my wrist, pulling me to the helicopter. I pulled and pulled but he wouldn't loosen the grip.  "Myra" Gladiolus yelled as he ran closer, but the red head man put his gun up at him, making him stop.  He smiled as he got closer to the helicopter.  "Tell Cloud, that Shinra thanks him for handing the kid over" he said as the helicopter lifted and took off.  I wanted to jump, but the guys grip was too strong, I couldn't move. I watched him as he sat across from me and smiled.  "Well, you're hard to catch" he said as he smiled. I glared at him as I stayed quiet.

After we left...

"Myra!" Prompto yelled as they watched the helicopter fly off. He stood up as he shook his head.  "No, why" he said as Ignus walked up to him.  "Prompto, let's go back to base" he said as he rested his hand on Prompto.  "No, we got to find out where their taking her" he said as he got up and started to run down the road.  "Prompto, we don't know where their taking her.  Maybe we should find that out first." Prompto looked up as he stood. "Prompto, let's go tell the rest and figure this all out, before it's too late" Ignus said as he walked closer to him.  Prompto looked up as he nodded and they headed back.

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