Part 2

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My mind started to wander off of the world outside of the base.  Who was out there?  What did they want?  The biggest question that went through my mind was why dad didn't want me outside the base?  Was I the target their after? I got lost in the confusion when a hand grabbed my ankle.  "WOAH!" I jolted awake to find mom sitting at the edge of the bed.  "You ok, honey?" She said as she looked at me. I took a stretched and rubbed my eye.  "Yeah, just drifted off to sleep, that's all."  Mom smiled as she sighed in relief.  "Mom, is everything ok?" I asked her as she looked at the floor.  She smiled then looked back up to meet my eyes.  "Yeah, just... Zack came by a hour ago, said something about you two hanging out with Hope and Vanille.  I tried to wake you up, but you weren't getting up."  "Oh sorry, I was tired." I said, with a smile.  Mom smiled as she gave me a hug then left the room with me following her.

I walked into the kitchen to get my shoes.  Mom walked into the living room to sit.  I scanned the house in confusion.  "Uh, where's dad?" Before mom spoke, dad came out of the bathroom.  "Right here. Why, need something?" "No, just, I didn't hear you when I got up" I said with a slight grin.  Dad just looked at me weirdly. "Oh, alright then. Going to hang with Zack?" I nodded as I finished putting my shoes on.  "Alright, be safe and don't leave the base." "I got it, see ya later.  Bye mom" I yelled as I opened the door.  "Bye honey, have fun" she yelled back as I left the house.

I met Zack down the hall from our door.  He was sitting there on the floor, looking out the window, letting the sun hit his face.  He looked so happy, so in peace with himself.  He had his eyes closed and a smile as he took cleansing breaths.  I chuckled a bit as I creeped up behind him silently.  I bent over his shoulder and burped in his ear, making him jump.  "Ahh, you could've done better" he said as he got off the floor.  "Are you saying that's weak?" "Well yeah, nicely" he said , pointing at me like a school teacher.  I chuckled at him as I shook my head.  "Come on" he said as he grabbed my wrist, pulling me along.  "Where we going?"  "You'll see."

He pulled me into a room on the top floor.  The room was full of windows, but I couldn't see through them yet.  He looked at me as he smiled.  "You ready for this?" he asked in excitement.  I nodded as he swung around me and covered my eyes.  "Uh, Zack. What are we doing?" I asked hearing him chuckle.  "You'll love it.  Do you trust me?" I nodded as I calmed myself.  "Ok, here we go" he said as he started to push me forward.  I freaked out a bit, not knowing what's going on.  "Um, are we training?" I asked.  He chuckled at the question.  "No and I thought you said you trusted me?"  "I do, just that was not expected."  He chuckled a bit. "Shall I continue?"  I nodded as we continued.  

As we got closer, he pulled one of his hands off me and started to guide both my hands to this platform as we moved closer.  "Ok you ready for this?" he said as he got more excited.  I huffed. "What did you do this time?" He chuckled before he spoke. "Ok 3...2.." he said as he uncovered my eyes.  I looked out the window seeing a forest, with trees and a lake, with the mountains in the background.  "Wow" I said as he wrapped his hands around my waist.  "I know how much you wanted to see the outside world, so I bring you the outside." "It's amazing out there, isn't it?" I said as he lied his head on my shoulder. "I knew you would like it."  I looked around, examining it as he just sat there, resting his head on me. The trees drifted so calmly to the wind, nice and green leaves.  The lake was so calming as it rippled to the breeze of the wind.  A duck bobbed up and down in the waves.  I heard Zack sigh in behind me as his armed closed on me more.  

"Tired?" I asked, looking behind me.  He looked up as he smiled.  "No, just happy that I could make this happen for you."  I smiled as I looked back.  "It's beautiful, isn't it?" He sighed once more as he spoke.  "Yes you are" he said faintly.  "Excuse me?" "Uh, I was talking about the duck in the pond, see right there" he said as he pointed at the water.  I looked closely as I spotted the bird.    "Oh, yeah." I said as I looked around.  I looked up at the blue sky as I saw a helicopter flying above the lake just hovering over it.  "Hmm, when did we get a helicopter?" I asked confused.  He looked up at it as his eyes widened.  "Shindra" he said as he looked bugged eyed.  "What?" I said as I looked over.  His eyes widened as he jumped on me and knocked me down, in his arms.  "Stay down, Myra." I cuddled near him as something hit the side of the bulding, leaving us in smoke.  Zack held me close to him with my face, in his chest.  His head bent over and protected mine as he snuggled me in more.

All of a sudden the helicopter came up to the gap in the wall as a woman jumped out of it.  "Zack, what are you doing?" she asked as he looked up.  Zack huffed the smoke out of his lungs as he spoke.  "Get out of here, Cissnei!" I looked up at the red headed girl as she tilted her head at Zack.  "But, I thought we were friends?" she asked him.  Zack reached for the gun next to him as he pointed the thing in her direction.  "I said, get outta here" he yelled as his grip tightened. The girl shrugged as she yanked on the rope next to her, as it lifted her up. "Just protect her well Zack, you won't be for long" she said as the rope lifted into the sky.  I calmed my breath as I looked at him.  "You ok?" he said as he gently pushed back the hair in my face.  I nodded as we both got up.

When he finished getting up, he brushed himself off as he looked at me.  "You sure you're ok?" he asked as he looked out the window.  "Yeah, fine" I said as I started to walk up closer.  He turned and pushed me away from the opening, opened the door and pulled me out of the room. "Zack, what's wrong with you?" He stopped for a brief moment, then turned to me.  "We need to get outta here. Where's your dad?" "What?" I asked as we continued. We ran a ways down the hall as we ran into Prompto.  He turned as he looked at us confused.  "You alright?" he asked, tilting his head.  "Prompto, there's no time to explain.  Take Myra out of the bulding and keep her safe.  I need to find Cloud."  "Ok, I'll gather some more people" he said as he motioned me then started to jog.  "Don't even bother, there's not enough time, just get her outta here, and fast." We turned and ran out of the bulding without any questions.  Ignus started the car as Noctis pulled me into it with Prompto jumping in and shutting the door. I huffed as I slid down into the seat of the car. Prompto looked back as he caught his breath. Noctis wrapped his arm around me as he bent over.  "You ok?" he said in a soft voice.  I nodded as I started to calm down, watching the world behind us fade into the distance.

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