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Final Fantasy XIII:The New World by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII:The New Worldby Charlie
After defeating Bhunivelsa. The group have come to the new world. Only to find out. That the events of the past, is restarting. The government is tracking them. And who...
Izuku the wildcard by SicxkFalcon
Izuku the wildcardby Jade
Izuku meets Igor in the velvet room at the age of six and gives him the power of persona and the wildcard. I don't own anything in the story. Except the oc but not his p...
The Lonely King (Male Reader x FGO) by MrHeyJack
The Lonely King (Male Reader x FGO)by Henry Jackson
A story about the 115th King of the Lucis Kingdom and the young master of Chaldea. Set in thirty years after the final event of Final Fantasy XV. (Y/n) Lucis Caelum resu...
Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meeting by FFXVsummoner
Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meetingby 《Night Sky》
Thoughts lingered on the one true King of Kings, Prince Noctis. Endowed with the special task of protecting the Majesty's son, the conflicts between Lucis and Niflheim o...
Magitec Midoriya: One More Fantasy! by Maxpower1017
Magitec Midoriya: One More Fantasy!by Maxpower1017
In a world where quirks are considered the peak of human growth. Many seem to have forgotten what was in the past to be considered the strongest. A past of god's and cre...
Final Fantasy XV One Shots by Isabella_Scientia
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Isabella Scientia
One shots starring the Chocobros and other FFXV characters!!! These will be x reader. Requests are open and gladly accepted. Enjoy! [The characters and places in this st...
Along the Way: [Noctis X Reader] by iitsNerdy
Along the Way: [Noctis X Reader]by iitsNerdy
Lucis, Insomnia. Home to the crystal, home to the Lucis Caelum family, and home to you. Being apart of the Kingsglaive has some of it's doubts, but when you're also swor...
Random Final Fantasy XV by Isabella_Scientia
Random Final Fantasy XVby Isabella Scientia
You like FFXV? Then this is the book for you! This book will consist of a bunch of random Final Fantasy XV things. This can include facts, pictures, art, comics, and fun...
Noctis x Reader x Prompto ~One-shots\Stories by FFXVsummoner
Noctis x Reader x Prompto 《Night Sky》
The reader, Noctis, and Prompto all paired into one book flooded with one-shots and stories. Includes Noctis x Reader and Prompto x Reader one-shots as well.
Night Owl - Final Fantasy XV - NoctisxReader by KitCatCalico
Night Owl - Final Fantasy XV - Kaylee
This is the story of a night owl, who's mind evades sleep. She muses deep into the night, about her travels with a ragtag group of men. I'll give this story a rating...
Random Final Fantasy XV III by Isabella_Scientia
Random Final Fantasy XV IIIby Isabella Scientia
The third book in my Random Final Fantasy XV series! You like FFXV? Want to find some cool fan art for it? Or want to learn more information on your favorite game? Well...
A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV) by xLadyMariax
A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV)by xLadyMariax
A young child is labeled as an outcast and shunned by her own village, seen as only a threat to everyone in Solis, the Village of the Sun. With no one to care for her, s...
After the Light (FFXV) by Lishiamarie
After the Light (FFXV)by 🌸LishiaMarie🥀
According to the prophecy, the chosen King was to sacrifice his life to bring light back to a world engulfed in darkness. One year after the prophecy was fulfilled, the...
Kara (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Kara (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
The destruction of Tenebrae was the first straw. Betrayal of love and friendship, in life and death, was the last. As Niflheim's flames burned his mother's body to ash...
( Old ) Final fantasy XV- Short stories by Delicate-light
( Old ) Final fantasy XV- Short Delicate light
Final Fantasy 15 short stories. Just many little stories of everyone's adventures. --- Edit 7/20/2020: Every time I log on to my account and see this I get embarrassed...
A Week In The Game [Final Fantasy XV x Reader] by Isabella_Scientia
A Week In The Game [Final Isabella Scientia
I open my eyes to see one of the dead kings of Lucis staring at me in front of the TV screen. 'Great, now I'm hallucinating.' "I shall grant you, (Y/n) (L/n), one w...
Night Light {FFXV/OT4} by eschatona
Night Light {FFXV/OT4}by Ash
Noctis is bored of fighting the Magitek Troopers that seem insistent on raining from the sky every five minutes. At first the thrill of battle had been elating, but the...
Before the Grand Adventure by AssassinNovice72
Before the Grand Adventureby Assassin Novice
Ava Petrova, a strange woman, and no one really knew her, expect the royal family of Lucis. she came from the kingdom of Talasin and become friends with Nyx and his gang...
Rayne Drops (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Rayne Drops (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
King Regis appointed four of Prince Noctis's closest friends to guide and protect him on his journey to Altissia to be wed to Lady Lunafreya: Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus A...
Chocobros Group Chat by Isabella_Scientia
Chocobros Group Chatby Isabella Scientia
What would happen if Noctis and the gang had a group chat? Find out here! This story is completed. [Final Fantasy XV and it's characters and places belong to Square Enix...