Part 10

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Clouds POV:

I sat at home in myra's room, looking at her bed.  I thought of the moments I had with her when she was a kid. the way we played in the yard.  I would sit beside her in the grass, as she played with the pail, filling it up like she was aerith cooking. I looked at her as she walked up to me almost tripping.  She was still walking at the time.  I smiled at the whole flashback.


"Look daddy" Myra said holding up her pail.   I smiled as I gave her attention. "What you got there sweetie?" I said looking in the pale.  "I made supper" She said as she smiled. I chuckled at the comment. "Oh really? Trying to be mom huh?" She smiled as she placed the pot by me, making the mud splash on my jacket.  "Oh baby, you're spilling my supper" I said with a laugh.  Myra chuckled as she ran. I chased her around the yard as I picked her up, hearing her chuckle.  "Come here you little squirt" I said as I kissed her on the cheek. I looked as I saw Aerith on the porch, smiling as she watched.  I put Myra down as I whispered to her. "Myra, go hug mommy." "Ok, daddy" she said as she ran on the porch with muddy hands.

"Mummy" Myra said as she got Aerith's dress dirty. "Oh Myra, did daddy tell you to do that?" she said as she smiled. "Yep" Myra replied. She smiled at me as she went back in the house.  Myra ran to grab something from the porch and came back to me. "Look Daddy" she said as she held up her teddy bear.  It was a little brown dog that she called sky. She handed me the dog. "Oh, did you pick a name yet?" I asked her.  She nodded. "Her name sky" she said. "Oh and what's about the sky that made you name it?" She smiled as she looked up. "Her name is sky because she watched over me like a sky. She watches me when the clouds can't." I looked at her in shock.  "So who would represent the clouds?" She looked at me as she hugged me.  "You and mommy."

End of flashback

I looked on her window as I saw the little dog that she called sky.  I studied the brown fur of the dog and it's blue collar when I noticed the writing.  I flipped it around as I read it.  It said this: My name is Sky. My owner is Cloud Strife. I huffed as I looked at it more.  It was Myra's favorite stuffie.  It was a gray husky with black on the tip of the tail. It reminded me of how she always wanted a real dog just like it.  I smiled as I placed the dog on the bed, like I was tucking it in.  "Someday we'll get a dog." I said as I sighed. I moved to the chair across from the bed, as I studied the stuffed animal.

I heard a knock on the door. "Hun, can I come in?" Aerith asked but didn't open the door. "Yeah it's ok" I yelled as I studied the bed.  Aerith opened the door with a flower and placed it by the stuffie on the bed.  Then she sat next to me as she snuggled up with me. I lied back letting her lay on me. "The flowers are her favorite" Aerith said trying to cheer me up.  I stayed quiet as I shook my head.  "Shinra" was the only thing I said.  Aerith looked at me. "What about Shinra?" I closed my eyes as I looked at the bed.  "They'll pay for what they did, someday."

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