Part 7

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I continued to run through the Shinra bulding as I ran into Zack.  We collided at full speed. He shook his head as he regained his vision.  "Myra?" he said, his eyes widened.  He looked confused and shocked at the same time. Then he smiled as he teared a bit.  He came in closer, wrapping his arms around me, and kissed me gently on the head.  "Myra, I missed you so much" he said as he started to cry. I hugged him tight as I closed my eyes.  Immediately, he lifted his head as a door swung open.  "I think she's down here" a voice said from the hall.  "Were going to die" I said as I got up fast.  Before I could think, Zack grabbed me by the wrist and we bolted out into the nearest room.

Zack quickly chucked me on the ground, slammed the door and propted a chair under the knob to keep it closed. He backed up as we both took deep, panicky breaths. "Ok, I think were safe" he said as he huffed. I regained my breath enough to speak to him, but the only thing I thought of was anger.  "Zack, why did you come here?" "Because...I missed you and it was the only way. I wanted to help and your mom didn't stop me." I shook my head at him.  "The Shinra army is too dangerous.  We'll be lucky if we get out of here alive."  We sat there in silence, then I turned to him with anger still in my eyes.  "You should've stayed home Zack. Now they'll kill us both."  He looked from the floor up at me.  His eyes were now filling with tears as he looked at the floor and sighed. "I never thought of it like that.  I'm sorry" he said as he put his head down.  I scooted next to him and wrapped an arm around him. "Zack, it's ok.  We'll figure this out." I looked around as I heard nothing but our breaths.  "Ok, I hope you brought a weapon." He smiled as he pulled out a giant sword.  "It's Angeal's.  But I think it will get us out of here...Why you ask?" I looked around the room as I thought.  "Cause we're getting out of here" I said as I walked up to the door. He perked up as he stood.  "Alive?" I shook my head as I laughed.  "Oh no, we are so getting out dead...Think Zack."

Zack stood up as I pressed my head against the door.  "Ok, I think were good" I said as I swung the door open silently. I quietly peeked out as I looked down the empty hallway and smiled.  I snuck out a bit as I motioned Zack to do the same.  He quietly followed as we made our way down the hall. We came up to the first intersection of the hallway as I slammed him behind me against the wall. "What is it?" he asked shocked. I huffed as I swung around.  "Shinra Troops." I looked back at the troops. One looked at me and started to walk towards us.  "Oh no. Go" I said as I pushed him.  He looked at me confused.  "What?" "Run Zack" I said as we started to book it.  About halfway down, Cissnei swung around the corner.  She pointed her gun at us as she lowered it in shock.  "Zack?" She said, with confusion in her voice. I watched them as they looked at each other confused. Then another troop swung around the other side and loaded his gun.

"Cissnei, what are you doing?" he said as she aimed the gun at us.  Me and Zack looked at Cissnei as she looked back at us.  "Cissnei, don't do this to me" Zack said as we slowly lifted up our hands. "Zack, it's the truth. This is who I am now.  I'm a turk and that's all i'll ever be." "But you're my friend and, friends stick together" Zack said as he walked towards her.  I watched the man in front of me as he came closer and grabbed my wrist.  I pulled and pulled but he wouldn't let go. "Zack" I yelled as the man flipped his gun around, and smacked me with it's handle, making me fade into black, passing out of the scene.  "MYRA!" Zack yelled as someone hit him in the head as he also passed out.

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