Part 1

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I led there on the ground, feeling the pain go right through me.  I looked up to see  the man standing before me, Sephiroth.  He looked me in the eye, gave me a slight smile and lifted up his sword.  "No!" I screamed as I shielded myself from him. I hid my face as he drew up his sword, then swung as the area blacked out completely.  I looked up as the training room went back to normal.  Huffing, I looked around as I saw Snow shake his head as he talked with Lightning, Gladiolus and Ignus.  I slowly brought myself to a calming breath as Zack plopped down next to me.

"Training getting harder, huh?" he said as he smiled at me.  I remained quiet as I looked at the group.  Zack chucked his arm around my shoulder as he pulled me closer.  He gave me a hug before speaking.  "Hey whatever your dad says, I think you can do it someday."  I huffed and backed up, instead of returning the hug.  "Dad's going to kill me" I told Zack.  He just looked at me confused.  "But what will your mom do?"  I shrugged as I huffed.  "What's the point, i'm never getting outta here, and it's their fault."  Zack just looked at me as he huffed.  "Stop, you know I don't like it when you talk about yourself like that.  We all don't."  I just shook my head as I stood up.  "I need a walk before I go home." "Can I walk you home?"  I turned towards him confused.  He sat there as he got more serious. I huffed as I nodded.

On the way home we were both silent. Zack kept looking over at me as we walked.  "It's going to be find, Mira.  Maybe we can sit on the ledge like we always do" he said, nudging me lightly. "Hey guy" a voice said, distant but comming closer.  I looked up as Hope joined us.  He was smiling as he looked at us both.  "Hope, what's up?" Zack said as they shook hands.  "Not much, how was training today?" I huffed as I looked back down. I felt that Zack and Hope were both looking my way.  "She's having a rough day today" I heard Zack say as he nudged me.  "Awe cheer up, girl" Zack said with a chuckle.  "Yeah Mira, it's not that bad.  I always fail the first time I taken an exam.  An you should see how angry Snow is after" Hope said with a laugh. I looked at him angrily.  "Yeah, but you're not the one they want" I said as I walked away.  Zack huffed again.  "See ya Hope" he said as he followed.

"Mira, you walk too fast for me" Zack said as we entered the elevator.  As we went up, I just sat there, watching the numbers increase with every floor.  Zack leaned up against the elevator.  "Ahh another day of training completed" he said with relief.  "Yeah for you.  Mine haven't even started." "Oh come on Mira. You are just slower than the rest of us."  I chuckled as I turned towards him.  "Did you call me old?" He smiled as the door opened.  "Come on,  You know I always joke with you."  I pushed him  against the wall as I left.  "What was that for?" he said as he got up and followed.  "Come on Zack, someone had to do it."  "What is it? Your job now?" I smiled as I let him catch up.  "Yeah, Snow's orders."  "Well Snow, Snow has too..."he started but I stopped him.  "Zack, be nice.  He saved you last mission."  Zack smiled.  "Yeah, i'll be nice because you told me to" he said as we both looked at the door to the apartment.  I huffed as I looked at him.  "Text me later?"  I asked him  as I cracked the door open.  He smiled as he nodded, then walked off, as I walked into the room.

I shut the door, seeing mom do the dishes and dad at the couch, reading the paper.  I took off my shoes and put my keys down on the table. Mom turned slightly as she smiled.  "Mira, you're back early.  Made it home safely?" I nodded as I continued walking into the kitchen.  "Yeah, Zack walked me home again."  She smiled as she went back to the dishes.  "I'm glad that you and Zack get along so well."  "Yeah, we support each other during training" I said as dad got up.  "Mira, Lightning called.  You failed again?" he said as he crossed his arms.  I looked down as I sighed.  "I did. I'm sorry."  Dad huffed as he shifted stances.  "Do you know what would happen if they just sent you out there? What if they would find you? You wouldn't survive on your own." "Look it's not my fault I can't fight."  Dad got more mad as he spoke.  "I need you to train up because I might not be able to save you next time.  You're lucky they didn't kill you or worse."  "Enough" mom said as she turned around.  I looked at her, then back to dad.  "Mira, go cool off in your room. I'll let you know when supper is on."  I huffed before I said anything.  "Ok" I said as I walked to my room and closed the door.

I sat on the bed as I listened to mom and dad talking.  "Hun, she's not a fighter and everyone knows it."  Mom huffed.  "Why wouldn't you guys take it one step at a time before you criticize her. She's slow that's all."  "Cause, she would hug them before they kill her."  Dad sighed.  "Aerith, she's not what you think. She's not a fighter, so we might have to keep her in the base longer."  I sighed just listening to them bicker back and forth.  I sighed as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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