Part 9

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Myra's POV:

I woke up a little foggy.  I don't quite remember what happened that much.  All I remember was this, I was with Zack as something hard hit me on the back of my head, then everything went black.  I don't quite know what happened to Zack, if he was still alive. I blinked vision back into my eyes when I looked around. I was in what looked like a lab of some sort.  I looked around seeing a computer next to me on the right.  It was a little flat screen, with the keyboard and everything.  Past that was the door, which was shut tight and it looked locked.  On my left was a stool with a little tray attached to it. I didn't see what was on the tray, but all I knew is that I didn't want to figure it out. 

I lifted my head at the sound of a door opening as two people walked closer in my way.  One was a man in a suit that was white all over. The other was the girl that Zack knew, but I forgot her name.  Being a little freaked out, I tried to get up, but the pain in my side hurt to where I couldn't move. The girl looked down at me. "What is the kid doing?" the man asked.  "Nothing, just a little pain that's all." I closed my eyes slowly as the pain increased. It slowly started from my side and worked itself up to my head.  What did they do to me? What's going on?  

The man in white came to the other side of me.  He put his hand on the side that was in pain as he gently rubbed it.  "Hmm, she's still in a lot of pain.  Someone shot her?" The girl shook her head.  "I don't think so. If we did, we haven't aimed for anything too much."  The man sat on a stool next to me as he checked out a spot on my side.  He gently moved his hand over the spot as a strand of pain shot out of it. I closed my eyes as my head started to pound harder.  They both bolted back in surprise as the man put his hands up.  "Ok, ok. Relax kid, i'm done with this part" he said as he went to the other side of the room. I turned my head to watch him as he pulled out a roll of what looked like some tape.  After shutting the draw, he came back and sat on the stool.

"Ok, can you lift her up Cissnei" the man said.  The girl gently placed her hands under my back as she steadied herself. "Ready kid?" she asked as she started to lift my back up.  I grunted in pain as they did their thing. Once my body was in the air, they moved my shirt above my stomach and lied me back down on the table. I lied there, with the tears dripping down my cheek as I grunted in pain.  The man slowly rubbed the side of my stomach and picked his hand up to look at it.  I watched him looking at the red hand as I settled down. I gently continued to blink as my breath got lighter every time I took a breath. The man looked at the spot, then at my face.  I looked at his hand as I kept breathing lightly.

The man shook his head as he put his hands on the table and looked up at the girl.  "I can't" he said to her. She crossed her arms and stood, leaning on her leg.  "You got to, we need him and she's the only way to get him." The man huffed as he slapped his hands on the table.  "I can't Cissnei. She's dieing too fast, we don't have time." As they argued, I thought of what he had said. Dieing? I'm dieing, without saying goodbye to my dad and mom.  I can't even say goodbye to Zack.  I watched as the man got up and the two of them left.

Two hours later..

I was still on the verge of dieing.  The blood has almost dried out of me but still, I continued to bleed.  I placed my hand on my side and lifted it. I studied the blood that dripped off my fingers, down to my hand.  I started to breath more lightly as someone bursted through the door. "MYRA" Dad yelled from the hall.  He ran up to the side of me as he looked at my side.  He held his head as he started to cry and looked into my eyes.  "Myra, it's going to be ok, daddy's here" he said as mom walked in. "Cloud, what's going o..." she said as she placed her hands over her mouth, in shock. "Mom, Dad?" I said as she walked closer to us.  Dad scooted up the side, letting her go next to him, as she leaned on him.  "Myra, Can you hear us?" She said as my vision started to fade. I nodded slightly. Dad gulped before he spoke. "Myra, i'm sorry for holding you in there. I was trying to protect you and now.." I watched as he placed my hand on his lips, and started to cry.  Mom was already crying hardly as someone else came in.

"Myra, this should've been me, not you" Dad said as he rubbed my head gently.  I smiled as the pain streaked a bit.  "Dad, it's not your fault.  Now I know how much you love me and mom." Dad shook his head as Zack came up next to him.  I looked at Zack as I smiled.  "Zack?" I said as I still was holding dad's hand. "Yeah Myra?" he said as he went on the other side of me.  I smiled as I tried to look at him better.  "Zack? Never give up training.  You train hard and fight well. And Zack?" Zack got closer. "Yeah?" I smiled at him. I motioned him to put his ear up to my lips. "What is it?" he said as he came closer.  "Protect my family, can you?" I asked as I watched him lift up and look back at me.  He nodded. "You can count on me" he said in his warrior stance.  I smiled as I look back at my dad. "Daddy?" I said in a weakening voice.  Dad got as close as he could to my face. "What is it, baby?" "Can you lay with me? It hurts too much."  He looked up at mom and Zack.  "Can it just be me and her for now?" Mom nodded. "Come on Zack, let's give them privacy" she said as they both looked back.  "Love you Myra" they both said together as they walked out.

Once they left, Dad carefully scooted me over. Then he climbed up on the table and leaned my head on his chest. Gently, he put his head up against mine, grabbed my hand and spoke softly.  "You know I didn't want this." "I...know" I said through a painful gasp. He lifted away from me as he looked at me.  "Is there anything you want me to do?"  I smiled as I nodded.  "Protect mom. Stay with her as much as possible." Dad smiled as he nodded. "I will. Anything else that we could do?" "Protect Zack.  He felt like a brother, and I don't want him hurt." Dad looked at me as he smiled. "I will, even if he moved in with us" he said as tears rolled down his cheek. He gently pressed his head against mine as he cried. I smiled as I closed my eyes, and took my last breath.  Dad lifted his head as mom placed a hand on his shoulder.  "Come on hun, let's get out of here before Shinra shows up." Dad kissed my forehead one more time as they walked away in silence.

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