Part 6

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Myra's POV:

I was now looking out the window at the outside world. I looked at the trees and the vehicles that the Shindra owned sitting outside. I watched the troops as the entered and exited the bulding. They must've been going out to look for dad. Man he was going to die, and it's all my fault.  I huffed as I stood up.  I stepped a few steps back as I huffed.  "No way out, great Myra, you finally set up your own dad's death. What's the plan now?" I said as I thought. That was when the door unlocked and the redhead walked in.  "So, Myra.  What is your plan now?" He asked as he smiled.  I huffed as I looked back out of the window.  "There's no way out of this" I said more to myself, then to him. The redhead chuckled. "Your wrong there. You could do what we say, like we told you to, or we can kill you and make the pain go away." I gulped as I turned to him. He smiled as he continued to stand there.

I stared at him as I clenched my fists.  He looked down as he smiled.  "I would think twice before you use that little fist of yours" he said as he shifted his head at my hand.  I looked down at my hand as I opened it out of the fist.  I studied it as he spoke.  "Myra, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice." I looked at him confused. "What do you mean by easy or hard?"  He sighed. "I knew you were going to ask that.  Ok, you can either join the shinra army, or" he said as he whipped out his gun. "Or I can kill you, right here, right now. Your choice."  I sighed as I looked down.  "What do I need to do?" The redhead smiled as he walked up to me, directing me out of the room.  "Good choice" he said as we walked out of the room. 

We continued walking down the hall towards the elevator.  The redhead  let go of me, swapped hands holding the gun and pressed the keys to the elevator. I sat there as I looked at him then at the gun.  At that moment of time all I thought was to try to escape.  I studied the gun as he clenched it in his hand.  He held it a little loose but sturdy enough that it didn't fall. I looked forward as the elevator opened. "Ok, here we go" he said as he started for the elevator. Immediately, I swung my foot around, knocking the gun out of his hand, as it slid across the floor. I lifted my foot again, and kicked him so that he slammed against the wall and fell.

Quickly, without thought, I ran, grabbed the gun and pointed it at him. The redhead smiled as he lifted his hands up. "Very clever little girl" he said as he slowly pressed his ear piece.  "I need backup now" he said as he put his hand in the air again. I gulped as I backed up away from him. Without any thinking of what I was doing, I chucked the gun down the hall and I ran away from him as fast as I could. He got up and tried to grab me but instead he went for the gun.  I continued running and I didn't stop.  By the time he came back with it, I was already out of sight. He sneered as he pressed his ear piece. "Prisoner escaping, put Shindra under lockdown" he said as he put the gun down and started to run down the hall.

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