21: First Time

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"Hyung, how do you like it at your new university?" Jimin asked as they cuddled on the couch in Yoongi's apartment.

It had been the start of a new year and Jimin was slowly getting over being raped.

"It's been great. How is it being a senior at the age sixteen?" Yoongi chuckled and kissed Jimin's cheek.

"Wonderful. I hang out with Taehyung and Jungkook now that you and the others are gone."

Yoongi nodded, "Great. Anything you wanna do?"

"W-well... I wanna do in

"It's great." Jimin smiled, "u-uh... I didn't want my virginity to be lost by rape... but it's too late now... but I also know I don't want the only time I had inter course was when I was weak and not able to do anything about it... I want... to do it another time so I can forget that terrible time."

Yoongi nodded, "I understand, but you're sixteen..."

"I don't care. I want to forget that time." Jimin said, "Please."

Yoongi smiled and cupped Jimin's face, "I'm fine with that, then."


"Oh my gosh, that was wonderful." Jimin laughed after taking the shower.

"Better then your first time?" Yoongi asked, watching television on his bed.

"Don't even remind me of that." Jimin rolled his eyes and laid next to Yoongi.

"Sorry... I'll stop."


The next day, Jimin got up while feeling sick.

Because of that, he went straight to the doctor and skipping school.

"Congrats, you're pregnant." The doctor said after the checkup.

"W-what... how?" Jimin stuttered.

"Well, if you've had inter course with a male anytime recently, that's how." The doctor laughed, "You may want to go tell the other father."

So here, Jimin was, standing right in front of his boyfriend at the park.

"I have some news..."

"What is it?" Yoongi asked, looking into his eyes lovingly.

Jimin sighed, "I-I'm pregnant... with your kid..."

"W-what? B-but... y-you're only-"

"I fucking know, hyung!" Jimin shouted out on the verge of tears, "I'm sixteen and pregnant!"
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