1: First time meeting

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Yoonmin's parents names are fictional cuz Idk their names lol
It was 1999 and Park Jimin was a three year old little boy. He always spent time with his little brother who was only one years old.

"Jimin, come with me to the grocery store, sweetie. Appa will watch your brother." Mrs. Park picked him up.

"Yes, mommy." Jimin smiled and buried his head in his mom's shoulder.


When they got to the grocery store, Jimin sat in the cart and played with every grocery item that went into the basket.

"Darling, be careful or you may break something." Mrs. Park said and took each item out of his hands.

Tears filled his eyes, "E-eomma!"

"Shhh, big boys don't cry."

"I can cry if I want!" Jimin shouted and crossed his arms.

When the cart was stopped and his mom was looking for an item, Jimin crawled out of the cart then ran off.

Even though he could hear his mom shouting his name, he kept running around the store.


He bumped into a kid about his size and fell to the ground, "Owie!" He cried out.

The boy, who was also on the ground, looked at Jimin, "Yah, what was that for?" He stood up, brushing himself off.

"Sorry, I was running away from my mommy..." Jimin rubbed the tears off his face.

The boy reached his hand out and helped Jimin stand up, "You shouldn't run away from your mommy. That's a bad thing to do."

A woman walked up and patted Yoongi's head, "You're right, Yoongi, that is a bad thing to do. Where's your mommy?" She looked at Jimin.

"Who you?" Jimin looked up at her.

"I'm Min Yoongi's mother. What's your name?"

"P-park Jimin..." Jimin looked down.

"How old are you? I'm six years old." Yoongi said, holding his kumamon bear tightly.

Jimin held up two fingers, "Three."

Yoongi laughed, "Eomma, he can't count!"

"Yoongi!" She hit Yoongi's arm very very lightly, "Be polite."

Yoongi nodded, "Okay-"

"Jimin!" Mrs.Park ran towards them in the aisle.

Jimin looked at his mom, "Yes?"

She picked him up, tears on the verge of spilling, "Don't do that again, I thought I lost you!"

"Told you it's a bad thing." Yoongi rolled his eyes.

Jimin pecked his mom's cheek, "I'm sorry, mommy."

"Who's this?" She looked at Yoongi then his mom.

"Hello, I'm Min Heera, Min Yoongi's mother. We were trying to get Jimin comfortable with us before we looked for you." Heera said.

"Thank you so much. Let me treat you guys to lunch, okay? My name is Park Rion." Jimin's mother said.

Therefore, that's how the two met.


"Wanna be friends?" Jimin asked when they were getting done with lunch.

"Friends? You're so little, why would I be friends with such a small kid?" Yoongi asked.

"I'm not that much small." Jimin pouted.

Yoongi nodded, "Fine, we can be friends."

Jimin tugged on his mom's shirt, "Eomma, can we have a playdate tomorrow?"

Rion looked at Heera to see if it was okay.

"Yoongi actually has school tomorrow, we can meet up for their playdate after 3 pm on Friday." Heera said.

"Yay!" Jimin smiled widely while Yoongi just sat there, not really sure about it.

He never had friends before besides his older brother.

He stayed away from others.

Jimin... would be his first friend.

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