Torn Up

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---I'm having a hard time being motivated to write my new book to sell to you guys. But so you turtles know, this book will NOT be published online on wattpad and the only way you can get it is by paying for it through me. I will take cash or credit. It will be PG-13, so go ahead, ask your parents. It is NOT a fan fiction. I AM TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING. Turtles, please know that I am having a hard time depending on anything right now, and I am actually hoping you guys will buy this, it will only be $5. I struggle with multiple mental disabilities and I hope you all understand what I am trying to say here. I need your help, turtles. I need your help.--- Like maybe you guys can message me or something and inspire me or "pre-order", don't have to pay, yet. IDK. But yeah, I'm broken and crumbling, the anime I am watching is making me feel worst, THIS IS WHY I STOPPED WATCHING TV FOR A LONG TIME DAMMIT, jokes aside. I am breaking slowly and need motivation. And yes, I will be copying and pasting this in multiple other stories of mine cuz I am too lazy to re-type.

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