9: Separate schools

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"Hyung, why weren't you at school all week?" Jimin asked his friend, Yoongi, over the phone.

"Jimin, how many times do I have to tell you? I'm in seventh grade now. I'm in middle school not elementary."

"But I miss hanging out with you..." Jimin pouted even though he couldn't be seen.

"We can still do that on the weekends. I've gotta go. Yoomi is over at my place, bye."

"Yoomi? Is she your new best friend?"

"No." Yoongi chuckled, "She always bugs me to hang out so I'm letting her come over today."

"I understand... I'll see you Saturday."


"Ice cream at the park... tasty." Yoongi said, licking his ice cream cone.

Jimin just stared at his own ice cream, "Why do you still hang out with me? I'm three years younger than you."

"Because. I promised to always be there for you." Yoongi flashed a smile, "Also, you're cute."


"Yeah. Like a little brother." Yoongi patted Jimin's head, "You're my best friend."

"Whatever." Jimin rolled his eyes, "I should go. Mina wanted to go to the zoo with my Appa and I..."

"Can I come? I like animals." Yoongi stated.

"It costs money. Unless you can pay, appa won't buy you a ticket."

"But... I thought you guys have a lot of money." Yoongi said, "Also, next week is the last weekend we can meet up before I go visit my dad every weekend until September."

"We do... but Appa said he doesn't wanna pay. I've gotta go. See you next week!" Jimin exclaimed then ran off.

"Hm... does Mr.Park not like me or something?" Yoongi asked himself.

The next weekend, Yoongi visited Jimin's house.

"Hello, Mr.Park." Yoongi greeted to Jiseun.

Jiseun just looked at him, "Go play in Jimin's room."

"Yes, sir." Yoongi nodded and went off to Jimin's room as he was told.

"Hey hyung! Let's play video games before you leave next weekend."

"Alright. But you know I'll be back every weekday?"

"Yeah, I know." Jimin chuckled.

"I have a question... does your dad not like me?" Yoongi asked, wanting to know.

"I have no idea. If he doesn't, he won't show it." Jimin shrugged.

"How does he treat Taehyung and the other...? oh and Mina."

"He treats the other five like me... and he treats Mina like she's his daughter he's never had." Jimin said, "But don't worry, we're still best friends no matter what."

"Oh..." Yoongi looked down.

And that was the last time the two hung out with each other, besides texting, until September.

When September came, Yoongi seemed more distant with Jimin whenever Jiseun was around.

"What's wrong with Yoongi?" Jiseun asked Jimin one day.

"He thinks you don't like him. Is that true?" Jimin asked.

"Yes, it's true."

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