2: First playdate

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Jimin waited in front of the door for his new friend to come. He waited and waited.

Finally the doorbell rang, "Eomma! Yoongi is here!"

Rion went over to the door and opened it, "Hello." She smiled and let them in.

"Yoongi! Yoongi! Let's go to my room and play!" Jimin latched onto Yoongi.

"It's hyung to you. Haven't you learned to call your elders hyung." Yoongi huffed.

"You guys have fun." Heera waved to Yoongi then left.

"Jimin, mommy is going to go take Jihyun to the kids cafe, Appa will be here." Rion picked Jihyun up and left.

"Hyung, let's go!" Jimin dragged Yoongi to his room.

"Woah, it's a big room. Is your family rich?" Yoongi tilted his head and jumped into the bean bag chair in Jimin's room.

Jimin shrugged, "My Appa is a CEO for some type of company and my eomma is his secretary."

"Woah. What should we do in here?" Yoongi asked.

"How about we play with the iPad. It has a bunch of coloring Appa and games for kids." Jimin took the iPad from his desk and turned in on.

Yoongi nodded, "Alright." He sat close next to Jimin as they started to color on the iPad.

After about two hours of coloring and playing games, Jimin rubs his eyes, "I'm tired."

"Let's nap then ask your appa if we can go to the park." Yoongi suggested.

Jimin nodded with a huge smile on his face.


By the time Jimin woke up, he noticed he was sleeping up close to Yoongi.

He smiled and woke Yoongi up, "Hyung! Let's go to the park!"

Yoongi woke up and rubbed his eyes, "A-alright..."

"I'll go ask." Jimin stood up and ran out.


Once they arrived at the park, it was Yoongi's turn to drag Jimin. He dragged him all the way to the swing set.

"You already know how to swing?" Jimin asked as he watched Yoongi.

Yoongi nodded as he swung, "I learned because it's something I could do by myself."

"Why by yourself?" Jimin asked, holding onto Yoongi's kumamon stuffy.

"Because..." Yoongi jumped off, "I don't have any friends... you're my first one. My brother is always busy with school now, he's in fourth grade... so I always had to play by myself..."

Jimin wiped his tears which formed, "That's so sad. You can become friends with Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung. They're my older friends."

Yoongi smiled, "Thanks."

"Plus, I'll always be your friend."

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