19: Spring Holiday

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"Bye Mina!" Jimin waved his girlfriend off as she got in the car.

"Bye, bye, Jimin. I'll see you in about two weeks." Mina said after kissing his cheek through the open window of the car.

"Right, I'll see you then. See you." Jimin smiled.

Mina nodded, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

"Let's get going, you love birds." Yoomi rolled her eyes.

"Bye." Mina waved as the window rolled up and the car drove up.


Meanwhile, Yoongi was at his part time job at the gas station when he got a text message. He went inside and checked it to see it was from Yoomi.

Yoomi: yah. Get your man while we're gone. I know Jimin doesn't love my sister and I don't want my sister's heart to break. And I know you don't love me... so go on, get Jimin to break up with Mina.

Yoongi smiled and replied with an 'ok' then put up his phone, "It's my chance this holiday break."

"Yah! Min Yoongi! Start working and stop stalling!" His boss shouted.

"Yes, sir!"

"Hey, Jimin." Yoongi said when the younger showed up at his apartment.

"Hey, hyung. Wanna hang out?"

"By hanging out... you mean?"

"Kissing and stuff like that..." Jimin cleared his throat, "Unless your mom is here..."

"She's at work but no anyway." Yoongi said flatly, "I've decided not to be part of your little cheating shit."

"I-I... I know... it's terrible but you know I can't break up with her, it'll hurt her."

"How do you think she'll feel when she finds out we've been doing things behind her back?!" Yoongi exclaimed, "Mina is a nice girl, she'll feel like it's her fault for not realizing sooner."

"Are you sticking up for your rival?" Jimin tried to hold in his laughter.

"Yes! I am! You wanna know why? Because I'm not heartless like you are!" Yoongi rose his voice.

"I'm sorry..." Jimin played with his shirt and looked down.

"Break up with her before she finds out."

"She won't."

Yoongi sighed and thought a bit, "Yoomi texted me and said she'd tell Mina everything if you don't break up with her soon. Yoomi wants to save her from a terrible heart break that could turn out bad."

Jimin's eyes widened, "She wouldn't..."

Yoongi nodded, "She would." The truth was, she didn't say that. Yoongi was just trying his best to convince Jimin, "Break up with Mina and date me... I know you like me."

Jimin took out his phone and called Yoomi after walking into Yoongi's apartment and sitting down on the small couch.

"Hey, Jiminie!" Mina answered.

"Please don't call me that... that's Yoongi's nickname for me." Jimin told her.

"You've never cared before..." Mina said softly.

"Now I do. Mina, you're a really nice person... but my heart belongs to someone else." Jimin admitted finally.

"I know."

Jimin gasped, "How'd you know?"

"It's obvious you like Yoongi. I've always known that. I was just afraid to let go..." Mina said, it sounded like she was about to cry, "I wanted to help you get over him. It didn't work, did it?"

"No... it didn't. That's why we need to break up."

It was obvious Mina was crying now, "I-I understand. But if Yoongi ever hurts you or if anything happens... please call me."

"I'll see you at school-"

"No, you won't."

"I thought you were coming back." Jimin stated through the phone, looking at his lap.

"I'm not. My appa offered for Mina and I to live with him. Both of us said no... but I think I'll stay now. To start things anew." Mina sniffled, "I do want you to be happy... I'm sorry if I held you back from being with Yoongi oppa."

"Don't worry about it. Call me anytime, we can still be friends." Jimin smiled, trying to hold back his tears.

"I will, Jimin. Goodbye." The line turned off, she had hung up.

Jimin put down his phone with tears spilling down.

"What's wrong?" Yoongi sat next to him and rubbed his back, "Did you actually like Mina? Then you didn't have to break up with her if you did."

Jimin shook his head, "Mina has always been a good friend of mine for about nine years... it's hard to break a friend's heart. It's painful too. It's really painful to lose a friend... did you know that, hyung?"

"Lose a friend? Isn't she coming back, though?"

Jimin shook his head, "She's staying with her dad because of me."

"I'm sorry, Jiminie..." Yoongi pulled the younger in for a hug, "It really is painful to lose a friend, I know. But I'm here for you."

Jimin buried his head in Yoongi's chest to cry, "At least I can be with you now, though. My tears are tears of happiness and pain. I'm in pain because I lost a friend and I'm happy because I can officially be with you. We're dating now, right?"

Yoongi nodded, "Yes, we are." He said, rubbing his hands in Jimin's hair.


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