7: Child of The Sick

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Yoongi was now in the middle of fifth grade while Jimin was in third. One, the age of eleven and the other, the age of eight.

They kept becoming closer and closer no matter what happened.

"Hey, you're coming to my place today, right?" Jimin asked when Yoongi walked up to him at the school gates with another girl.

Yoongi nodded, "Yeah, sure. Let me say bye to Yoomi first."

"Bye bye, Yoongi." Yoomi laughed and kissed his cheek.

"Bye Yoomi." Yoongi waved to the girl as she went to her parents.

"Who's that?" Jimin asked.

"A friend of mine. Kim Yoomi. I met her last week. She's new to Seoul." Yoongi shrugged.

"Why'd she kiss your cheek?"

"She said it's part of her culture. She half British." Yoongi said, "not so sure if that's true or if she's hitting on me."

"What does hitting on you mean?"

"Nothing. You're only eight. Too young to know. Anyway, don't you have any friends that are girls in your class?"

Jimin nodded with a smile, "Yeah. Only two.  One of them is really close to me, I've known her almost as long as Taetae, her name is Ki Mina."

"Cool. But I'm your closest friend, right?"

"Yes hyung!" Jimin laughed and saluted him as a joke.


When the two got to Jimin's house, Jimin's dad, Jiseun, looked at them, "Yah. Jimin, we've gotta get to the hospital. Jihyun is already there, you can bring Yoongi."

"What about eomma?" Jimin asked.

"She's... sick."

"Let's hurry up and get there." Yoongi said.


At the hospital, Jimin stared at his mother who was in the hospital bed, "What's wrong with her?"

"She collapsed while you were in school. The doctor's ran some test and they are trying to find out what's wrong." Jiseun explained to his son and Yoongi.

"Is that why eomma has been coughing so much in the past year? Because she's sick?" Jimin asked with innocence in his voice.

Jiseun nodded, "Yes, because she's sick."

All four waited in the waiting room as Jimin just stared off into space.

"Your mom and you are very close, right?" Yoongi asked softly.

"We are. I'm worried for her."

Yoongi took Jimin's hand, "I'll be here for you if anything happens like you were here for me when my parents divorced."

Tears welled up in Jimin's eyes, "You promise?"

"I promise."

At that moment, the doctor walked in, "We have the results. It turns out Park Rion has cancer. Breast cancer to be exact. She also has a few tumors. I would recommend she retires at an early age to help get better and stay home. She can leave the hospital tomorrow."

Jimin bit his lip, he didn't exactly know what cancer was... but he knew it could kill a person.

Tears started to spill out his eyes as Yoongi squeezed his hand tighter to distract him.

"I-is eomma going to die?"

The doctor stared blankly at the family and Yoongi, "I'm not sure..."

Yoongi, even though he was only eleven, he knew much more than Jimin, "You shouldn't say that to children." He looked at the younger, "Come on, Jimin. Let's go to the bathroom and wash off your face."

Jiseun smiled a bit at the two, "Thanks for taking care of my eldest son, Yoongi."

Yoongi nodded, "It's no problem."

The two went to the bathroom as Jimin kept crying, "What if eomma really dies?"

Yoongi took a paper towel, he put water on it and started to wipe Jimin's tears away, "She won't die, okay?"

"You promise?" Jimin held out his picky finger.

"I... I promise." Yoongi weakly smiled but did not link pinkies because in all honestly...

He couldn't promise that.

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