4: Run away

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"Can Yoongi hyung have a play date with me today?" Jimin tugged on his mother's shirt as she cooked.

"Honey, Taehyung is here though." She sighed.

"Both of them can play with me!" Jimin pouted, tears starting to form.

"Yeah! Yoongi hyung can come over too!" Taehyung nodded in agreement.

"You three have been close since school started three months ago." Rion chuckled, "Fine, I'll go call Yoongi's mother to see if he can come over."

Jimin looked over to Taehyung with a wide smile, "Yay!" They exclaimed together.

After a while, Rion came back with a worried expression, "Yoongi isn't home. Jimin, your father and your brother is sleeping, behave and be careful. I'm gonna go head out and find Yoongi." She said then left immediately.

"What does she mean by find Yoongi?" Taehyung tilted his head.

Jimin had his eyes wide opened, "H-hyung had been talking about running away at school... I didn't think he meant it!"

With that, tears started to spill out, "Taetae! We gotta find Yoongi hyung!"

Taehyung started to bite his nails, "We can't leave, your mom will be-"

He was cut off by a knock on the door, "Jimin! Jimin! Let me in!" Yoongi shouted.

Jimin ran to the door, turned around to make sure his father wasn't watching them opened it, "Hyung! Why did you run away?!"

"I can't stand it! All eomma and Appa does is make me study!"Yoongi exclaimed, "All I want to do is sleep or have play dates with you."

Jimin pulled him in as Taehyung sat on the floor, playing with toy cars by himself as the other two started to argue.

"Hyung, you told me that running away is bad when first time we met. And you're right, it is."

"That's different. You were running away because you couldn't mess with toys. That's stupid." The older clicked his tongue.

"No matter what, it is bad!" Jimin shouted, "Your family misses you... so please, go back." Jimin begged.

Yoongi looked down, "Okay... you're right. It is bad." He laughed, "I guess you decided to use my words from when we first met."

Jimin nodded, "You taught me that running away was a bad thing, so I'll do the same to you."

Taehyung looked at the two, "So now that hyung agreed to go back home, can we play now?"


Rion came home to find the three boys playing with toys.

"Yoongi! Your mother is looking for you!"

Yoongi nodded, "Sorry..."

"I've got to take you home. Let's go." Rion said.

"Eomma! I told him not to run away and he said okay!" Jimin smiled a great big smile.

"Good, now let's go."


"Yoongi wanted to say thanks for being a good friend and convincing him to stay home." Rion told her oldest son at the dinner table after the two non family members left.

Jimin grinned, "Tomorrow, I'll tell him thanks for being a great friend."

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