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Dans P.O.V-

I got to school an hour early just because I knew Phil would also get there early.

"Hey Dan!" My friend yelled. "Woah! Chris! Why are you here so early? I didn't think it was possible for you to even wake up at this time!"

Chris laughed. "Shut it you dickhead! I'm the one that gets the bitches!" Now it was my turn to laugh. Wow, we're so immature.

"Bitch please! I can get anyone here with the wave of my hand!" I honestly could but all I wanted was Phil.

"Oh yeah bitch? Try it!" Chris said stupidly. "What do you mean?" I asked intrigued at the comment he just made. "I dare you to try and make someone fall in love with you to the point where you get laid!" Chris said trying to sound seductive butfailing miserably.

"About that... I kinda like someone..... I don't want to ruin it." I don't know why I said just slipped out.

Chris' eyes widened. "You do?! Who is it?" I said nothing for a moment, but then I spoke. "Chris.... I don't know if I can tell you..." I said shyly.

"Dude! I've known you since we were kids! Nothing you say can make me hate you!"

I sighed with relief. Chris knows Phil. They are on good terms. Chris has never bullied him, he's not even apart of the group that bullies him. So ill be fine. He wont judge me...right?

"Fine... I like....Phil" I quickly looked down at the ground, avoiding his gaze, my face burning a bright red.

Chris also lowered his head and he looked pissed. But he quickly changed it into a fake smile.

Through clenched teeth Chris said, "Oh-that's-great-Dan-I'm-so-happy-for-you!"

"Chris, we're not even together yet! Why are you happy for me!?"

Chris' fake smile turned into a real smile. "You're not together!?"

I hesitated. "No, but why do you care!?" I asked slowly.

"I don't! I was just wondering. Anyways, I have to go-" Chris said as he turned around and bolted down the corridors.

What was that about? Why did he look mad? Where was he going now? I had so many questions going through my head and I needed answers.


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