Joy In Life

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Things that bring you joy, make you feel good or expand your mind/vision and get you outside of yourself:

travel to new locations (can be anywhere new, doesn't have to be far away)
sit by a serene lake or the ocean.
Listen to the waves, enjoy the sounds or beauty of the water.
take a walk thru the woods, be at peace with yourself
look at beautiful plants or flowers — they are all around us in this world

look at the sky, especially before or after a storm

look at the moon at night

listen to beautiful or exciting music that you love

eat something absolutely delicious

drink something you love, like a smoothie or a milkshake or grape soda, or fresh brewed root beer!

pet your dog

masturbate or have sex

watch an entertaining movie for you

do something special, just for yourself; treat yourself and reward yourself, just for being you

sit outside and listen to nature


volunteer to help with persons with disabilities, like Down Syndrome folks

visit a neighborhood, area, or country where people have far less than you do

help feed the homeless and hungry at a soup kitchen

participate in a canned food drive for those less fortunate during the holidays

do something nice for someone for no reason

pay someone a compliment, even if it's a stranger

take a nap

go to a park, water park, amusement park, someplace fun!

ride a bike

read a book

write a story

meditate for 10 minutes — just stop and think and do nothing for 10 minutes

swing on a swing

go swimming


plant flower seeds

buy beautiful flowers

look at something beautiful in this world — anything. Our eyes need it.

snuggle in your favorite blanket

eat cheesy popcorn, or caramel popcorn, or better yet both, at the same time!

take a vacation - do something relaxing or something different  from what you normally do

call your grandparents just to say hi and you love them

go shopping

play music with an instrument

play whatever sport you like

go to a concert

go to or watch a game of whatever sport you like

help somebody else with something, anything

tutor kids

help your neighbors

talk to somebody lonely

try something you've never tried before — a food, activity, ride, something new for you

go for a drive in a car or train

watch the world go by and take in its beauty

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