Chapter 5: Crazy Maniac

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Chapter 5: Crazy Maniac

Fifteen minutes later, the janitor left us standing there, Allison driving one of those golf cart (that the principals drive around campus all the time) because apparently she has driven it before. I sat right next to her with a couple of trashcans behind us.

According to the Janitor Richard, we were told to go around and empty out the trashcans and recycling cans bringing them to the recycling center. I was actually surprised, never knowing that we even have a recycling center.

Apparently this school has clubs, added to the fact that these clubs are suppose to spark your interest or something, but for me it just seems like it’s the school’s desperate ways of trying to have some fun, but failing miserably.

The whole ride around campus we just work and did everything in silence, I was happy for that fact that she wasn’t bothering me and insulting my nature. However one thing I was curious about, was exactly why she was up on the roof in the first place and how did she even met with Richard the Janitor.

For most students on campus, they wouldn’t even bother going to the janitor, including getting to know the janitor on friendly terms, but with the way she was acting towards the janitor, it seems they have known each other for a while. Then again… this girl is weird… it’s not surprising that she knows the janitor, nothing new there. For once in my life I decided to be friendly, and trust me… I am not a friendly kind of guy.

“So…” I stretched the word out for about five seconds as we unloaded the pile of cans and bottles into the golf cart. I was trying to get the words of how I was sorry for ruining her papers and such, but thanks to my very high pride, I find the words stuck in my throat.

Her head snapped in my direction, “What do you want now? It’s bad enough that I’m caught in detention thanks to you.” She murmured angrily, sorting out the trash from the recyclables. “Why don’t you just shut up so we can finish this and I can go home!” She yelled at me.

“Can you just chill for like a minute?!” I said now really annoyed. “No need to go all crazy maniac on me!” I mumbled loudly just enough so that she could hear.

“Crazy maniac am I? Why are you talking to a crazy maniac then?” She glared at me.

“Look can’t we just be like civil people and talk it out?” I offered.

“I have nothing to talk to a guy who doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything but himself.” She shot back. “Also added to the fact I don’t want to talk to you.” She said harshly.

“I was just trying to make a conversation, but if you don’t feel like talking, I’m perfectly fine with it.” I said back, not willing to admit defeat. I could feel my friendlier approach leaving replacing it with my normal cold and uncaring attitude.

“I guess we agree on something then.” She concluded and got back to work leaving a good silent between us.

At that moment I heard a phone beeped from somewhere, from the corner of my eyes, I saw Allison picking up her phone. “Hello?”

“Detention… Ms. Goody Two Shoes… no cell allowed.” I mumbled, not really knowing why I even said that… considering I don’t give a damn about school rules.

She glared at me before continuing to talk into her phone, “Liz, can I call you back? There’s a jerk next to me that’s trying to piss me off.”

I almost laughed at that, ‘Me? Jerk? Trying to piss her off?’ I thought to myself as she hanged up the phone.

I grimaced thinking about how much more time I have to spend with her until I’m finally free to go and pick up my sister. I hopped back into the mini car as the Ms. Crazy Maniac took the driving wheel. I glared at her hands as she weaved her ways through the campus.

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