Chapter 1 My Boring Life Of Boredoms

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Chapter 1: My Boring Life Of Boredoms

I stared out the window, bored out of my mind while the teacher droned on and on about the importance of turning in homework, something I don’t give a damn about. I looked up at the sky, seriously what is so beautiful about it. I hear people going on about how clear and wonderful the sky is, when all I see are an ugly shade of blue with little cotton look-alikes. I could just glue some cotton on my t-shirt and everything would be beautiful…lame. As usual I was on the desk with my head down when I felt a paper landing on my desk. I didn’t even bother to look to see who was sending me the paper, it’s not like it’s the first time it happened. I didn’t even bother to look up at the teacher, whatever her name is…I never bothered to learn it. I casually opened the piece of paper which simply read,

‘Dylan, new idea dude, there’s a little spirit rally today. Lots of people are gonna come. Simple plan, me you and Mason, we’ll meet on top of the hanger and hose down some water on those people. How ‘bout it?’

I glanced towards a guy, blond hair and bright blue eyes, knowing instantly it’s from him. Out of all my buddies Cole Kaden have the messiest handwriting and this is the simplest term is messy writing. He is a talkative kind of person, and I could already see him from over here probably talking to someone he probably just met this moment. His arm was in a cast from our little incident involving a fallen pole that pretty much dislocated his arm for a good six month. Now I’ll deny ever saying this but considering his height about 5 feet 8 inches, he’s pretty strong, that’s probably the reason why we have him do all the physical work, not that we can’t do it… but he’s more fit. He’s not a very patient guy, and his attention span is that of a kid, never can pay attention for long. However with the type of clothes he typically wear, you would never expect him to even crack a smile, a single earring just gleaming out his right earlobe, while a familiar hooded sweatshirt covered his short cropped hair.

I quickly scribbled into the paper, and threw it back over at Cole who was busily chatting away with some random people. The paper sailed across the room and hit some kid on the head.  “What the-?” the kid turned around and I got a look at his face. I stared blankly at the guy, not really knowing who he is. Dirty blonde hair, with dark black glasses covering his hazel eyes, and he’s dressed in t-shirts and faded jeans.

Unfortunately that caught the teacher attention, “Liam, what seem to be the problem?” The teacher, Ms. Something, asked the guy named Liam. Her eyes caught on the note that I just scribbled on. She stopped her lecture on the SMART board and walked over to where the guy was and picked up the note, the shaking guy didn’t even bother to stop her. The teacher turned her glare towards Liam, “Mr. Landers, why don’t you share this note to the entire class.” She told him. “I do not tolerate note passing inside this classroom.” She reminded him.

Liam Landing? No….Landus? That’s not it… Landers. Liam Landers, the poor guy, he was shaking like crazy. “Yes ma’am.” He managed to stutter,

I frowned, the guy didn’t even bother to deny it, he simply just took the blame. “Stupid,” I mumbled under my breath and stood up, not that I care whether or not the Liam guy get in trouble, but it’s more like I’m annoyed with his inability to stand up for himself. “It’s not him.” I said aloud which caused all eyes to turn toward me.

“Mr. Dawson, any particular reason you are standing up?” The teacher narrowed her eyes at me. I swear this lady hates me, but it’s probably because I coated her desk with sugar, which caused class to be canceled for the day and her desk to be filled with all kinds of bugs. Seriously… they should’ve thanked me, because that alone probably removed half the population of the bugs in this old school.

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