Chapter 7: The Aftermath

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Chapter 7: The Aftermath

My hands started to go numb as I noticed a picture on my desk. I glared at the picture on my desk. My dad standing there with a smile on his face, his brown eyes shining with happiness as my mom was carrying my newborn sister. Me? I was standing right next to my dad with a stupid careless grin on my face, looking up at him in amazement.

Believe it or not, I used to look up to that guy, he used to be fun to be around. Never raising his voice as much, but then I guess reality took over as the taxes starts piling up, fights between my parents became more often.

My mom soon no longer bother to ask us about how school was, or she couldn’t even tell when something is wrong.

I glared at the fake happy picture from so long ago, thinking how life like that are for fools, it’s not even real. Fantasy comes, and then leaves within an instant. This is the reason why life is just a big ball of boredom.

I glanced down at my knuckles, which was filled with minor cuts and tiny scratches of blood. I groaned and stomped over to my closet to take out a couple bandages and ointments. I hastily wrapped a couple bandages around some of the bleeding cuts.

I looked at the doorknob that was shaking as if someone was trying to pry it open. I angrily sighed, taking off my headphones, and stomping over to the door. The knocking became more louder as I stepped close to the door. I swung the door open, without even caring who’s on the other side I angrily lashed out, “WHAT?!”

“Dylan?” A timid scared voice squeaked from below me.

I instantly felt guilty, all my anger washed away as I stared down at her, holding out her backpack and dragging along a brown teddy bear that I’ve given her a couple months ago. I kneeled down to face her, “Sorry, I just got a lot on my mind.” I tried to apologize to my sister. “Did I scare you?” I asked her.

Emily cautiously nodded as if scared I might go in anger mode again. “Emily, I’m sorry, forgive me?” I begged her giving her one of my rare real smile.

Her innocent face flashed into a grin and pulled me into a hug. “Dylan, Mommy and Daddy are talking loud again.” She said as I hugged her back.

I put on a forced smile, “Don’t worry Emily, it’s just the adult was of talking, instead of getting time-outs, they yell.” I half-heartedly lied to her.

Emily’s face nodded in understanding. “When will they stop? They are scaring me, “Emily said her blue eyes shone with fear.

“How about you stay in my room with me until they stop talking loudly?” I offered as I always do when my parents are fighting.

Emily smiled, “Will you help me with coloring?” She asked me nicely.

I lightly laughed, “I’ll help you.” I promised just as another clash was heard from below.

Just then, I heard of piece of glass shattered downstairs, as my mom’s voice blasted through my ear drums. I stared emotionlessly down the stairs,

“You and your little complaint! How about you actually act like a good husband and help me manage the money?! Maybe then we won’t have this problem!”  My mom’s voice echoed up the stairs.

I stared aimlessly down the stairs and turned to Emily who was shuddering from my mom’s shriek.  I stepped aside from the entrance of the door and motioned her to come into my room.

“Come on Emily,” I urged her on, not wanting to hear my parents’ complaint. Emily stood there, she looked almost too scared to move, I instantly felt the need to just protect her.

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