Chapter 4: You Have Issues, I Have Issues, and We All Have Issues

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Chapter 4: You Have Issues, I Have Issues, and We All Have Issues

“You- ARGH! You ruin everything!” She said as soon as the counselor left.

“Your welcome…” I said sarcastically.

“You always butt in on everything!” She yelled just loud enough to destroy my eardrums.

“Look who’s talking, you’re the one who decided to step in and grab the hose from me.” I told her.

“You’re the one who tried to be a hero and whoopee-doo, save the day.” She sarcastically said.

“I’m just helping.” I plainly said.

“I don’t need your help!” She threw her hand up in frustration.

“You didn’t seem to eager to correct my lie.” I shot back at her.

Ally glared at me, “I have my reasons, I didn’t need your help though.” She growled. “It’s all your fault I’m in this mess.”

 “It’s your fault for dropping the keys… unless you want another detention, so I might as well take it cause I’m going to get another one anyways.” I leaned back on my chair and rested my foot on the table right in front of me.

“I didn’t need your help.” She glared at me.

“Listen Ally, You-“

“Not Ally, Allison.” She corrected me seeming rather pissed.

“Whatever… Anyways, Allison,” I emphasized her name. “You seriously want another detention?” I questioned her.

“No, but I also do not want to owe you any favors.” Allison told me seething her teeth.

“Actually I’m not doing you a favor, I’m doing myself a favor, I want the detention, so what easier way to get it then just stealing keys from the principal’s office.” I told her with ease.

“And why would you want detention?” She asked me suspiciously, her face indicating she doesn’t care, but her tone was another story.

“Because unlike you, Ms. Goody-Two Shoes, I don’t have a life, my whole life is practically detention. So another shot at my life doesn’t seem like much to me.” I told her. “So you should’ve just given me the detention I deserved and go on your way.” I mumbled.

“I told you before and I’ll tell you again, I do not need to owe anyone favors, especially not you.” She glared at me angrily. “I don’t care whether or not it’s beneficial to you, I do not just simply owe people favors. I don’t need your help in anything, don’t try to be a hero when you’re nothing but a guy with no life.”

“I’m not even going to deny that you are perfectly right,” I told her as she stared at me wide-eye surprised that I actually agreed with her.  “Once we are done with the two weeks of detention, I want nothing to do with you,” I plainly stated. “I like my boring life the way it is, I don’t need to add an annoying girl to it.” I mumbled.

“You must seriously want another punch in the face.” She glared at me.

“I don’t care, there’s no other use to it, this just a face.” I said aimlessly, still being able to feel the burn of her knuckles hitting against my chin from earlier.

Allison seemed to get angrier as I said that, “You really don’t care about anything huh?! That must really be the way you go on with life! Selfish and a total brat probably just because you didn’t get what you want!” She glared at me again. Her words seems to struck me, sure people have called me boring, but a selfish brat? She’s the brat with the way she’s acting!

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