Chapter 3 Key Copies... It's My Fault

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Chapter 3: Key Copies…. It’s My Fault

Of course it was Mason who spoke up first, “We were checking out the wonderful view and learning the forces of gravity on water.” He said expertly as Cole tried to keep from cracking up laughing. “It was a demonstration for my physics class.”

Mr. Pet Zito glared at Cole, but he didn’t stop laughing. Not taking his eyes off Cole he said, “And tell me Mr.-“ he stopped not really knowing Mason’s name.

“Mason Woodell,” Mason replied calmly.

“Yes… Mr. Woodell,” Mr. Pet Zito said obviously annoyed by the second. “Tell me what did you learn from this little project of yours?”

Luckily Mason had it all planned out, “I think we discovered that the force of gravity works at every height, and while an object is in the air, there is air resistance that causes the water to slow down, but not that much, since the water seem to have reached terminal velocity at such a fast time. We learned that the water gained or in this case slowed down to a terminal velocity so it doesn’t kill people.” Mason recited as if he had planned the whole thing… and knowing him… he probably did.

Mr. Pet Zito narrowed his eyes at Mason, “Then explain why you needed the hose for?”

Mason looked thoughtful for a bit then quickly answered, “Well, I wanted to see if it’s possible to reach terminal velocity if the water was at a higher speed when shoot out by the hose.” Mason explained. Truthfully I don’t understand a single word he is saying. “It is possible, as shown that no one died from the high speed water.” Mason concluded.

Mr. Pet Zito, walked back to his desk with an expression that clearly says that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Well Mason, it seems either you had a good explanation planned or you are telling the truth?” He said even I knew he was thinking the first option. “And Mr. Woodell… would you mind taking off your glasses.” Mr. Pet Zito told Mason. “This is indoors, you do not need to protect your eyes in here.”

Mason glanced his head up as if thinking how this counselor have the nerve to tell him to take off his glasses, “This is not for protecting my eyes.” Mason told the counselor.

“Then I don’t think you would need it.” Mr. Pet Zito answered. “If you do not take it off, then I have no choice but to confiscate it.” He told Mason.

Reluctantly, Mason took off his glasses revealing his dark brown eyes. “You happy?” Mason mumbled just low enough so the counselor couldn’t hear him.

“Okay now can anyone care to explain why you decided to try to it on the rooftop where students are not allowed?” Mr. Pet Zito asked, his voice indicating that he was satisfied that Mason’s glasses were off.

“Because there’s no other place to do our project.” Mason replied confidently, but I could tell he was throwing daggers at the guy that made him take off his sunglasses.

“Tell me who’s part of your little project.” The counselor guy emphasized the word project.

“Me, Cole, and Dylan.” Mason told the guy.

Mr. Pet Zito raised an eyebrow, “Then what were you doing up there?” He directed that question towards Ms. Annoying girl.

“I wasn’t causing any trouble, Mr. Petrizzo! You want to talk about the prank talk it with that guy over there.” She pointed at me. “I just wanted him to leave me alone.”  The girl tried to tell him.

“You forgot to say something about your little special hideout that you come to everyday.” I mumbled too low for the Mr.Pet Zito to hear but the girl heard and started to get up to punch me. I didn’t even bother to waste energy and stop her, thinking that the stupid counselor would get there in time to stop her. Unfortunately she was able to punch me before Mr. Pet Zito could stop her, forming a good sized bruise on my face. “Sissy punch,” I mumbled not wanting to admit it really hurts, when in actuality her punch burns through my face.

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