Chapter 3

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"This is a power only given out every one hundred years. It is the most powerful of all powers, and it is only given to those who posses the capability of using it to its full extent. Julia Amber Lancaster, we give you the power of dominanace," says one of the twelve.

I suddenly feel a burning sensation on my right palm, and I fall to the ground in pain. I look at my hand, and I see intricate symbols being carved onto my skin. My soft skin is now covered with permanent symbols that will never go away. Sobbing from the pain, I make an attempt to get up and face the Council.

"What does all of this mean?" I ask them. I have never actually made an attempt to distinguish the twelve, so I may as well start. A middle-aged woman with black hair tied into a bun stands up and says, "The power of dominance gives you the ability to control any of the powers, and you can use someone else's power against them. You posses the most power out of anyone in the society. The symbols on your hand represent each power."

I can stand this madness no longer; I have to know. "Why me?" I blurt out. "Why me, of all people, do you choose to give this to? What makes me special?" I add. Another one of the twelve, this one just a teenager with red hair says to me, "You're different from any other person in our society. What makes you different makes you special. Just by looking at your green eyes, we could tell that you were going to be something amazing. To give you some peace of mind, you will have a mentor to help you learn to control your powers. My name is Adam Sage, and I will be your mentor. Council, if you will, could you please give us a moment alone?"

The Council nods their heads in agreement, gets up, and leaves. Adam makes his way towards me, and I immediately become suspicious. Why do you want to help me? From far away, Adam seems normal, but up close, he towers over me. I have to look straight up to see him; he's tall. "Hello. Just so you know, you are truly meant to have this power. You're different," he says. "I don't want this. I don't want a power, I don't want to be here, I don't want this life!" I yell at him. "We know. We saw that when we heard your thoughts. However, this is your life now, and I assume you make the best of it. Now, we will meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoon here for mentoring. I'll see you here tomorrow by 12:00. Understood?" He asks.

"No, I won't go through with this! I don't want this! How can I trust you, a person who is supposed to teach me to master a power that I don't want? That's just it, I don't trust you!" I fire back. "Understandable, but I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to make me mad so I'll take away your power. I'm sorry, but our decision is final," he says.

Ok, I am getting nowhere with him. I am angry, I am sad, but there's no turning back now. What's done is done, and I am powerful now whether I like it or not. So, I look up at him one last time, and I leave with tears steadily flowing down my cheeks. Why would I ever want to control people by using their own power against them? It's...evil. "You know, you could bring amazing things to this society if you use your powers the right way," I hear him call out. "I DON'T WANT THIS!" I scream as I run out of the room.

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