Chapter 40

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Well everyone, here's the chapter I've been waiting to write for a long time. I hold every character's life in my hands; read on to see what I do:)
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Julia's point of view:

As my eyes flutter open to the beginning of a new day, I then realize exactly which day it is:

The day of my scheduled execution.

My heart pounding, I crawl over to the steel door of my cell, hoping Willa will be outside. "Willa? You there?" I say. "I'm here, Ms. Lancaster," she says, her voice calming me down a bit. "Thank God," I breath out. "What time is it?" I ask. "Eleven twenty, Julia. They'll be here for you in ten minutes," she says.

I let out a dying animal sound that's crossed somewhere between a dead cat and a squirrel getting shot. Since when do I sleep this late?!

"Julia? You ok? What was that noise?" Willa asks. "No I'm not ok! Why didn't you wake me up sooner?! And I make that noise when I freak out!" I yell. "Calm down! It's going to be ok!" She tries to comfort me, but I'm shaking by now. "It'll be alright! I let you sleep late so you wouldn't spend hours acting like this. Get it together!" She orders.

I just sink to my knees and begin to pray. Please God, please with everything I have, be with us today. Please let Adam's plan work, and help us to all walk out of this together. Please God.

And once I'm done, I crawl into a corner and pull my knees up to my chin, rocking myself back and forth like a scared little kid. Adam has a plan. It will work. His plan will work, his plan will work, his plan will work, I tell myself repeatedly, trying to calm down. I cannot allow doubt or fear to creep in my mind and convince me otherwise.

I close my eyes and concentrate on rocking myself back and forth, focusing on the rhythmic movement and keeping my heart steady. Have faith in your friends. They'll get you out of here. Taking deep breaths, I manage to calm myself down a little for a while.

That is, until I hear the sound of heavy footsteps out my door, signaling that they've come to take me away. "Julia," I hear Willa call out, her voice showing a sadness that only I can recognize. "It's time," she says.

Tears begin to form in my eyes as I stand up and take shaky steps toward the door. This is it. What happens outside this door determines the fate of this society forever.

The metal door is heaved open, and Henley and James stand waiting for me outside, cruel smirks on their faces. "I've waited for this day ever since I met you," Henley says to me. James grabs my arms behind my back, handcuffs them together, and then pushes me down the hall with Henley following.

I want so badly to say something, a sarcastic comment or an insult of some sort to them, but instead, I keep my mouth shut. I don't want to worsen the situation any more than it already is. "Quiet this morning, aren't we?" James taunts. Once again, I say nothing.

"Don't make her talk. Every time this girl speaks a word, she causes trouble," Henley says, although I can tell that she's testing me, wondering if I'll try to fight back. But once again, no words come from me.

The walk from the dungeons to the front of the Council's main building is long and grueling. Many stairs, lots of hallways, and a bunch of elevators. Along the way, I can't help but remember when I came here so many months ago to receive my power, never imagining I'd end up back here as one of their prisoners.

And then we finally make it to the front of the building. It's been transformed to an execution stand, an abundance of guns and knives and whips surrounding us. The rest of the Council as well as the entire police force has already arrived, ready to see me suffer. Other than that, no one else is here.

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