Chapter 31

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Susan's point of view

Wham! A swift hit to the head and I was out. I remember being slumped against the wall, and someone running towards me. All I can register about that person was red hair and glasses. Then the world went black. I know I'm unconscious, but I can't wake up. I can still hear sounds around me, but to no avail will my body let me open my eyes. Come on, get up! I try to regain my strength and force my eyes open. I can feel my senses responding, but I still won't wake up. So instead, I take a stroll through my happiest memories, using the joy I felt in those moments as an inspiration to wake up. I remember the best times: trying hot pockets and coffee for the first time, learning to swim, laughing at pointless things with Cassia and Julia, receiving my power even though it was given to me with bad intentions, and chasing fireflies underneath the stars. I can feel myself smiling, and then my eyes flutter open.

"She's finally awake," Cassia sighs with relief. I see Cassia, Peter, Adam, and someone I don't know gathered around me. "What happened? How long was I out?" I ask frantically. "Calm down, I don't want to overload your mind after you just woke up. Let's keep this simple: you were knocked out at the library, and you were unconscious for about a week and a half," Cassia explains. "A WEEK AND A HALF?!" I yell as I bolt upright, causing everyone to back up. "Susan, lay back down," Cassia cautions. "I'm fine!" I yell as I stand up and rip an IV out of my arm and remove the blood pressure monitor from my forearm.

"Susan, you're not in any shape to be moving around," Adam says. "I am fine! Now where's Julia? We have to find her and go back to the Council and make them pay for what happened at the library!" I yell. Suddenly, sad looks appear on everyone's faces. Adam drops his head, Cassia pretends to write something down on a clipboard she's holding, and Peter leaves the healing tent with an angry look on his face. The only person who doesn't change hearing Julia's name is that person I don't know, a guy with...the guy with red hair and glasses. The one who came to help me after I was knocked out.

Ignoring him for the moment, I address the issue at hand. "What? What's wrong with everybody?" I ask. When no one answers, I lose patience. "Somebody tell me something! Where's Julia?" I plead, beginning to think the worst has happened. "After the events at the library, we suffered great losses. Tatum gave our whereabouts to the Council, and so they came for us. Since we were in no shape to fight with such few numbers, Julia offered herself up, and the Council took her away," Adam says with sadness in his voice.

"And you just let her go?" I ask. "What else could we have done? We couldn't defend ourselves, and there was no changing her mind. Believe me, Peter desperately tried to make her stay," Adam says. I drop my head, angry that I missed all of this. "So that's it then? We lose and they take Julia? Is this the end?" I ask. "Not yet it isn't," Adam says. "There's a plan to free her, thought brilliantly up by yours truly," he adds with a smile. "Very funny. What's this plan?" I ask.

"The Council is going to kill her in eight days, but I have a plan to get the two sides to compromise. Then, we're gonna blow up the wall and all the citizens are going to flood to headquarters. The crowd will distract the Council and Peter can rush in and save Julia. Simple, right?" Adam explains.

The crazy amount of steps in that plan are almost enough to make me pass out again. "No offense, but it's a bit of a wonder why you didn't get the power of dreams because that plan is a long shot," I say. "Perhaps, but I think it'll work. I'm on board, Peter's on board, Cassia's on board once her work with the injured is finished, and even Kyle's on board," Adam says, pointing a finger at the guy who was with me when I passed out. He actually looks a bit like Adam with his red hair and brown eyes. "What, is he your brother or something?" I ask. "No, but I think it's time you met him. I'll leave you two alone," Adam says with a smirk as he leaves.

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