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(Set six months after the events of the previous chapter, Julia's point of view.)

We knew that the road to reconstruction would be hard, but we also knew that it would all be worth it in the end. The debris from the wall was cleared away, and we repaired the dark side. Now, you couldn't tell the two sides apart.

The Council was replaced with Adam, whom the citizens now refer to as "Leader." He was able to bring the two sides to live together in harmony, so it worked out. We all agreed that the system of powers would be no more, but if anyone with a worthy cause requests a power, it will be given to them. They could pick any of the fifteen powers they want.

Once we fixed the system, we sought to make the society our own. Memorials were made to honor those who had given their lives in the war, and families who had lost loved ones were given financial support whenever needed.

And as for all of us, we're still doing ok. Adam enjoys being the Leader as he works to undo the damage caused by the Council. Cassia has mastered the power of healing, becoming the best healer in our society. She now runs her own medical school where she trains up and coming nurses. Susan and Kyle are doing just fine as well. They became an official couple a few months ago, even though they play down their romance. We even found Tatum and decided to give her a second chance, despite the wrongdoings she had committed. She payed her dues in community service, and now lives among us as a regular citizen.

As for Peter and I, we're still going strong. I don't know what awaits us in our future, if our adventures are over or not, but I couldn't care less. All that matters to me is living in the moment now, because I know it could all be taken away in the next second. The future looks bright, and I can only hope it stays that way. But as much as I try to ignore it, a little voice in my head keeps reminding me that we're only human, and that peace can only last so long. However, peace or not, I choose to live out the rest of my life as long as I can, no matter what awaits us all.

End of book one.


Thanks for reading! Sequel called "Liberation" is up if you guys want to continue reading!

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