Chapter 12

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We leave the maintenance closet and part ways, Adam going back to the elevator, and me heading out the doors. So much has happened today. Could it really only have been a few hours ago that I had training, kissed Peter, seen my friend brought back from the effects of poison, and now found out that I have this power because the Council wants me dead? Wow, today has been a long day. The sun has set by now, and stars dot the sky. I can only imagine how worried my family must be.

I begin to walk home, passing the woods as I go. I'll come back Peter. I promise. I'm not going to abandon you. My heart starts to tug with sadness, but I try to ignore it. I can see him again once I learn the power of transparency.

I keep walking, and then make a turn down my street. Here's another thing I hate: the Council made all of the houses' architecture the same. The houses have light brown brick with a dark brown roof and wooden shutters on the windows. An intricate flower bed outlined with brick breaks in half to reveal steps that lead to the front door. White roses, pink lilies, orange marigolds, blue asters, red tulips, and yellow forget-me-nots adorn the houses, giving them a peaceful feeling. Don't get me wrong, our homes are beautiful; I just hate that they're all the same. I heard that a long time ago, being different was a good thing.

I open the front door, and my father greets me. "Well, training sure took a long time, didn't it?" He asks with suspicion. "I've had a long day, and I'd rather not go into detail," I tell him. My father is a respectable man, so he doesn't make me explain further. "Thank you. Where's mom?" I ask. "I told her to go on and sleep, and that I'd wait for you to come home. And now you're here, so I must go to bed as well. I suggest you do the same," he tells me. "Yes sir. Goodnight," I say as I start to head upstairs. Walking to my room, I become aware of the light in the room next to me is still on. My sister must still be awake.

Opening her door, there sits my little sister, Allison Lancaster, with her nose in a book. She is so quiet that I rarely hear a peep from her. Allison is like an exact replica of me, only small-sized: tan skin, dark brown hair with caramel-colored streaks, and bright green eyes that sparkle with wonder. She stays shut up in her room a good bit like me, only she spends her time reading. Even at age ten, she's probably read more books than the majority of the adults have in our society. Allison is kind-hearted, never talking bad about someone, easily forgiving, and gentle. She's looked upon as different, too, because of her eyes. Having green eyes in a society of blues and browns is like having two heads instead of one, even if it is only a recessive gene we carry.

"Are you not tired, Allie?" I ask. "Shhh...just one more chapter. And my name is Allison," she replies. "Ok, just don't stay up too long," I tell her. "I won't," she says. I begin to close her door, but she calls my name. "Yes?" I ask, peeking my head back in her room. She has put her book down, and she now gives me her full attention. "What did your power end up being? You never told me," she asks. I feel guilty for not letting her know, so I come back in and sit down next to her. "I got the power of dominance," I say, showing her my palm. She takes my hand, examining the symbols inked into my skin. Her eyes light up, and she is completely fascinated. "This is so cool!" She exclaims.

Cool? Cool?! It's terrible! I have an outrageous amount of pressure on my shoulders from this power that could potentially be the death of me! And that's what the leaders of our society want! They want this power to kill me! All it's done is bring me trouble, and I am under constant watch. I can't be normal, and I can't live my life freely. Well, I was never able to do that in the first place. "Yeah, it's pretty cool," I say with false excitement in my voice.

Allison looks up at me with confusion on her face. "What's wrong?" She asks. "Let's just say that having a power isn't as great as you think it will be," I tell her. "Oh, you're just not used to it yet. I'm sure you'll end up loving it!" She says. I seriously doubt that. "Maybe you're right," I say, not wanting to crush her dreams. That's the thing I'll never understand about Allison: she'll never let herself accept the fact that the world is not all good. Oh, how bliss ignorance is.

"Yeah well, it's almost midnight, so I'm going to bed. Goodnight Allison," I say. Allison enfolds me into a hug, and says, "Don't worry. I know things are going to work out. You'll be great at your power."

Later, when I am in my bed drifting into sleep, Allison's words repeat in my head. You'll be great at your power. She has no idea, no idea how evil our society really is. That night, I dream of a new society, a society without power governed by the people who live in it. A society Allison could grow up safely in. A society where I could be happy.

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