Chapter 15

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Darkness. That is all I see: darkness. It's not the kind of darkness you see when you close your eyes; I mean a pit of nothing but an empty, never ending black. I've been staring into the void for a while now. How I ended up in this black, I don't know. What time is it? What is the day? What's the year? I have no concept of time.

Voices overhead interrupt my confusion. "Julia?" They ask. "She's breathing," one of them says. "It looks like she's about to wake up," another says. The voices sound oddly familiar. I become aware of the darkness going away, replaced with a soft light. My eyes open to see the faces of my parents, Allison, and Adam looking down at me with concerned expressions. Now I remember: I passed out from exhaustion and overpower.

"Well, good morning sunshine! Nice to see your eyes again," my mother beams. "How do you feel? You don't look too good," Allison says. "Well, if I don't look good, then I feel the same way I look," I tell her. I then turn my attention to Adam. "You were right," I tell him. "Go ahead and say 'I told you so'," I say. "I told you so," he answers with a smile. "So, what exactly happened? What led up to this?" My father asks. Adam and I have a conversation through glances.

Please don't tell them!
How do your parents not know about this?!
I figured that the less they know, the better.
How insensitive can you be?
Says the guy who threw me across a room.
Move on already!
Fine, just please don't say anything. Alright, but just this once.

"Will somebody answer me?" My father demands. "It's classified information, sir. All training is kept secret, so anything that happens in that building, I am strictly prohibited to speak of," Adam lies. My father doesn't look too pleased with that answer, but he knows better than to push the law.

My mother looks uncomfortable in this silence, so she tries to change the subject. "Why don't we let Julia rest a while? She's been unconscious for a long time, and I'm sure all these people are making her nervous. Get some sleep, Julia," she says. "Actually, if I may, can I have a word with Julia? In private?" Adam asks. My father doesn't look comfortable with Adam's request, but he agrees, giving Adam exactly two minutes. They leave, and we're left alone.

"How long was I out?" I ask. "A day," Adam answers. "A day?! We have training!" I exclaim. "Not today we don't. You've taken on too much. The best I can hope for is that passing out caused you to lose your power of transparency, so that way you'll know to stay put and wait for me to teach you when I think you're ready. I never should have thought you could handle learning that much in one day," Adam says. Before I can think of a response, Adam starts to head for the door. "Try not to do anything stupid. Remember, you've passed out and you're weak. Don't try to go out there and start World War 3 for us," he orders. "I make no promises," I respond with a smile. "Get some sleep," he answers, trying to hold back a laugh. Then, he leaves.

I lay back down, close my eyes, and try to fall back asleep. I have almost grasped the world of sleep and dreams when I am awakened. "Julia?" Allison peeks her head in my room and asks. "What?" I grumble. "Sorry to wake you up, but mom wanted me to tell you that she and father and me are going into town for a few hours, and that we should be back later this evening. Ok?" She says. "That's fine," I reply. Allison nods her head, and then leaves.

In hindsight, I should probably stay here and do what I'm told: stay in bed, get some rest, don't do anything stupid. I could use some extra rest anyway. But, me being me, I have something else planned in mind. I watch my family leave from my window until they are out of sight. Then, I get out of bed. Upon trying to stand up, I almost faint again, but I find a small shred of strength to get up and walk. Then, I test myself to see if I can still be transparent.

I do not take up space, but instead, I am the space itself.

Once again, I feel the familiar sensation of becoming light and empty. Looking down, I once again see nothing of myself. I am invisible. I walk up to my my door and try to turn the knob, but I pass right through it. Then, I come to a wonderful conclusion that causes me to smile: I can pass through objects.

Gathering more strength, I run through my door, down the stairs, through the walls and outside, not bothering to worry about falling or steeping on twigs or running into trees. I have always felt free, but never a freedom like this. Unseen, nothing but an empty space. Freedom.

However, where I'm going is not to leave my society, unfortunately. I have someone here that will prevent me from ever bringing myself to leave. I walk through town heading straight for the giant, 50 foot high, 6 feet thick, and 8 miles long wall that divides our society.

Approaching it, I feel like it is a retelling of the David and Goliath story that I have heard so many times. I feel like small little David, about to challenge the big and intimidating Goliath, and for a moment, it seems like there will not be much of a match. However, if David can stand up to Goliath and win, I can conquer this wall, this thing that keeps us separated. What I will see, I don't know, but one thing's for certain: I am going to find Peter. This is undoubtedly one of the stupidest things I have ever done, but I feel a need to cross. I was only a matter of time anyway before someone got across, so why not me?

I approach the wall and step through it with one thought in my head: I'm an idiot.

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