Chapter 35

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Adam's point of view:

I wake up the next morning laying face down at my desk with my computer screen illuminating my tent. I must have fallen asleep while looking through the files on the jump drive last night.

I groggily stand up and stretch my aching muscles. Falling asleep at a desk does not make you feel great the next morning. I turn my attention back to the files still pulled up on the computer and take one last look through them.

I wouldn't say that the contents of the file were completely useless, but most of it wasn't much help. Most of it was plans for weapons that I happen to know they don't use anymore, a couple of documents about Gwyneth, and some background checks on the prison guards.

I did, however, find two things that helped our situation: the original design plan for the wall, and an execution manual that explains step by step how each execution is carried out. But I'll look more thoroughly into the latter once I've got the explosives built. They have to be done today, and they have to be done right. I quickly print out three copies of the design of the wall, one for me and two for my sisters, and then gather my things to leave.


"Where are you guys going to be?" Peter asks me as I leave camp. I look back at him, his face showing caution. I won't be here for today, and so they don't have anyone to look up to if anything happens while I'm gone. "My sisters and I will be at the mechanics shop just inside the good half of the circle; it's the only place where we'll find all of the materials we need," I explain.

"Okay, but what are we supposed to do if something happens? What if the Council comes back to the woods? What if something catches on fire and burns down camp? What if-" "Peter, stop," I interrupt. "I'll only be gone for half a day, but if it gives you and the people here some peace of mind, you're in charge while I'm gone. If something happens, you'll know what to do," I tell him.

Peter just shakes his head and says, "Why me? What makes you think I can help them if something goes wrong?" He asks. "Well, I guess I'll leave Cassia in charge then...,"I begin, knowing in the back of my head he'll come around. "No! I'll do it, I just don't know what to do!" Peter protests. I just smile and say, "It's only for half of the day, and I doubt anything will go wrong. You'll be fine," I assure him.

"Alright, but be careful. Everyone may be hiding out in their homes, but that doesn't mean that the police aren't out roaming the streets," Peter cautions.

"If I can teach Julia the powers without knowing how to do them myself, fool the Council into thinking I was on their side, get Julia arrested and then help her break out, assemble this camp, make a plan to save you, make a plan to steal from the library, dismantle their security cameras, make this plan to break Julia out of prison again, and build bombs, I think I can handle the police," I tell him. I may have just gloated a bit, but I'm Adam; I can do that. "A simple 'I got this' would have been fine," Peter says as he rolls his eyes. "I'll be back later this evening. Take care of camp," I tell him as I leave the woods for the first time in forever.


Walking through town, I can't even recognize it anymore. All my life I've lived on the good side of the circle, enjoying its liveliness and sense of comfort. But now, everything is literally and in every aspect of the word, deserted. The streets are empty, the shops are closed, and there's not a person in sight. My home is now a ghost town, and I can't help but feel as if I'm being watched.

I try to ignore it as I make my way to the mechanic shop, trying to focus on the task at a hand. When I reach the shop, I do one quick glance behind me, and then hurry inside.

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