Chapter 41

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Julia's point of view:

This can't be true, he can't be gone! Peter can't be dead!

"Peter please! Come back to me!" I scream, even though he's too far gone to hear me. "We...we choose our own fates! That's why we started fighting back in the first place! Is this what you choose?" I plead, although I don't know what I'm hoping will come out of this.

Then, an idea hits me. "Cassia, Susan, come here!" I yell to them. "I told you there was nothing I could do, Julia," Cassia reminds me. "I don't care; we're going to try. We helped bring him back once before. We've got to do it again," I tell them. "Yeah, but that was different! He was only unconscious that time!" Susan says.

"We're going to try again!" I order them. "Susan, you do what you did last time! I want you to give him the joyous memories so he'll-" "Julia," she interrupts, but I ignore her. "Cassia, you try to heal him and-" "JULIA!" They both yell at me. "What?!" I say back.

"There's nothing we can do! I can't reverse death!" Cassia says. "And I can't give the dead joy," Susan explains.

And so, what small hope I had of him coming back is crushed in that moment. He's...he's really gone. And in that moment, I collapse into a fit of screams and sobs, finally coming to the realization. And even though sadness can't technically break a heart, I can feel mine shattering.

You can't be gone! Remember all the things we've been through together? Remember the day we first met? And the first time we kissed, and when the Council ripped us away from each other. We saved you from them and brought you back! And you were by my side when I woke up from nearly being killed at the library. Or that time I got mad at you for stealing the orange is was going to eat. And the way you looked at me when the Council took me away again! I found my way into your dreams and was able to speak to you! And you all came this way to rescue me and finally win this war! Is this really how it ends?

And then, something strange happens; if I didn't know any better, I could swear I just heard his heart beat. "Julia, I'm really sorry, but we have to go. The battle's still going on downstairs and they may need our help," I hear Adam say as he puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Shhh, listen," I say as I put my head on Peter's chest again. It's incredibly faint and barely audible, but I can hear his heart beating. "Peter?" I say to him in a hushed voice, not believing what I've heard.

"Julia, I'm sorry, but he's-" "Adam, listen!" I say to him as I beckon him closer. I take Peter's hand in mine and press my thumb against his wrist, and sure enough, I can feel a pulse. "Please tell me I'm not hallucinating and that you can feel his pulse, too," I ask Adam.

Adam takes his hand and feels for a pulse, and his face goes from disbelief to utter shock. "That's impossible," he says. "Peter? Can you hear me?" I ask him.

Suddenly, a bright white light comes from Peter's heart like it did for me when I lost my power. Only it's...different in a way this time. The light surrounds Peter and circles him, becoming bigger and brighter by the second.

"Julia, get back!" Adam orders as he pulls me away from Peter. "What's happening to him?!" I demand. "I don't know!" He answers back, words he's probably not used to hearing very often.

The light suddenly becomes so bright that it becomes blinding. "Everyone close your eyes!" I yell. And then, as quickly as it came, the light disappears. I open my eyes, only to see Peter sitting up, coughing and sputtering.

"PETER!" I scream at the top of my lungs and throw myself into his arms, tears of joy streaming down my face. He wraps his arms around me in response, although he grunts in pain in doing so.

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