Chapter 30

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(This chapter will be from Adam's point of view)

"Blow up the wall?" Peter asks. "Yes! It's genius! Once the wall is destroyed, there's nothing to stop the two sides from being separate anymore. The Council won't stand a chance," I answer. Peter drops his head and shakes it, clearly not understanding my optimism with this plan.

"You'd have to talk to the two sides first, and what makes you think you could get the people from my side to listen? Those people, they're not like me! They're not the understanding kind. Besides, you're a former member of the Council, so it's not likely they'd listen to you," Peter says.

I have the power of knowledge, so I can think of an infinite amount of ways I can win this argument. "Then maybe they'll listen to you," I offer. "Are you crazy? They look at me with shame and mockery because I'm different! They'd never listen to me," he snaps. "You'll never know unless you give it a chance," I push. "Adam, don't take offense to this, but I thought you were supposed to be smart," Peter sighs. "Open your eyes; the world is not an understanding place," he adds.

"Perhaps not, but consider this: it's the only chance you've got, Peter. This plan is all we have to get Julia back," I snap, pulling the one string that I know will get him to cooperate. He opens his mouth to protest, but then he bites back what he was going to say in defeat. "I hope you know what you're doing," Peter says.

I smile, knowing well that I've won the argument and gotten him on board. "I have every detail planned out. What I know is that in order to keep their prisons empty, everyone they take hostage is publicly executed to serve as a warning. I sent two spies yesterday to eavesdrop on what the Council's planning to do with her. They reported back that the Council's going to kill her a week from tomorrow; that's eight days to put our plan into action. So what I plan to do is bring you, Cassia, Susan if she wakes up, Kyle, and a few of the transparency-powered people with me to the wall. Once you talk to them and get them to listen-"

"IF I get them to listen," Peter interrupts. "Fine, IF you get them to listen," I begin annoyed, "then all I have to do is come back and convince the people from the good side, which shouldn't be hard. If we get the two sides to compromise, the hardest part is behind us. All I have to do then is gather the other people with knowledge to help me build the explosives. The wall is about three miles across, but the bombs are powerful enough that we'll only need to make three; one for every mile. When the wall comes down, the mass of people will all gather outside the Council headquarters where Julia will be executed on the front steps. All the people will create a distraction long enough for you to rush in and free Julia. See? I've got this all figured out!" I exclaim.

"Adam, there's cameras everywhere. Even if you pull off the compromise of the people, the Council will see us on video and kill her before we get the chance to save her. And where are you going to find the materials for a bomb?" Peter asks. "Also, where these so called 'other people with the power of knowledge'? You're the only one I've ever met who has this power," he adds.

"Back a few weeks ago when you and Julia were caught in the woods and she was taken into custody, I sent out a software bug that jammed all the cameras while the rest of the Council was dealing with her. As for finding the materials for the bombs, there's an engineering and mechanic forge in town that I can get the parts I need from. And as for other people with the power of knowledge, I'll have you know that I have two sisters with this power as well," I explain.

"Fair enough. So this is our plan? And we're basing this all on a big 'what if ' when it comes to talking to the two sides?" Peter asks. "Pretty much. It may not sound like we have this all together, but trust me on this. I know what I'm doing, Peter," I demand. "All I care about is getting Julia back, so whatever you have planned that you think will work, then I say go for it," he says with certainty.

"Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go visit the healers' tents. Cassia says that Susan will be waking up soon," I say.

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