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Fists vs. Words

Austin Alsina

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Austin Alsina

The Next Day

She was gone when I woke up, she was no longer sleeping in my bed having small nightmares that would bring her to life and make her jump and then relax when she realized it wasn't real- or at least she realized she wasn't at home where her nightmares would have been a horrible reality. Every time she woke up she would look at me sitting there on the carpet and let out a breath, a small relieved small, and then go back to sleep after we had a minute long staring match.

That happened six times last night. Six.

Meaning I got no type of sleep.

Meaning I'm about to got to this bitch ass school and be an even bigger asshole than I usually am.

I walked through the double doors of hell and instantly the sound of lockers opening then slamming shut and overly happy groupies sharing thier whore tales from last night annoyed me.

Not even two seconds in and I'm already ova' dis' shit...

I groaned and started making my way to my locker on the other side of the school.

"Aye nigga!" I heard someone call from down the hall as I walked, but didn't even bother to turn around. No one talks to me and I don't talk to them. And seeing or hearing about a fight don't excite me.

"Pussy ass boy I know you heard me!"

"Aye bitch! I'm talkin' to you!"

I felt my shoulder under someone's grasp and next thing I know my whole body's being swept around by a person who must be wishing for a death wish. My glare hardened and my anxiety flared up- along with my flaming anger- as I shot arrows, daggers, and knives into the beaten up boys face and his three man entourage. Of course it was Justin, but now he wasn't begging me to stop tearing into him, no no; he was acting all high and mighty now because he had backup. Justin wore a snapback and sunglasses, but that hardly hid the damage that I'd done to him, if anything I would expect him to be in the hospital from the way he was looking unconscious against the side of the school.

Damn...knew I shouldn't of held back.

"What? You scared now, huh? Lil bitch ass wanna come at me 'bout some hoe,"He spat,"Come at me now bruh!"

By now there was a pretty fair sized crowd piling up around us, but the same thing was being muttered amongst the people: Justin is ready to die.

"What bitch? Can't talk?!"

"Aye Justin let's juss' go." Kyle offered.

Smart guy...I fucks wit' Kyle; not real though.

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