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Oh The Things We've Created

Oh The Things We've Created

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Later that night

Austin Alsina

"Oh the things we've created."

"Da' things otha's can't see."

"Can they comprehend?"

"No not at all, only us cause our minds...."

"Yes our minds..."

"Are da' definition of complexity, da,' definition of...."

"The definition of incompatible, incomparable minds."

"Our minds are two of'a kind,yet,we are two different minds."

"And your mind?"

"Ma' mind is yo' mind, and yours?"

"My mind is your mind, so ours?"

"So ours..."

"So ours I believe..."

"Are minds dat' can neva' be logically explained."

"Totally different to this game."

"We somethin' different so dey' scared of us."

"But we're not crazy just..."



"No ma' dear we are puzzles."

"Puzzles that have curves and turns."

"Puzzles dat' only we can decipher."

"Of course we can, we created them."

"Exactly, only we unda'stand."

"Only we have the pieces to this picture."

"So is dat' why?"

"Why it all comes together?"

"Why I know yo' next move befo' its made?"

"Or is it because its some coincidence?"

"No, it's because we are one."

"No, two that become one."

"You are me."

"And I am you."

"Our minds are intertwined in da' vines."

"The everlasting vines of time."

"And dat' is why yo' picture comes ta' mind."

"Because your the final piece to my mind."

"Da' final piece dat' makes it complete."

"The piece that allows me to soar beyond the skies...."

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