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Never Going Back

Never Going Back

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Delilah Thomas

This is why he would always try to leave, and I would always stop him.

This woman, this scratched disfigured woman, stared at me with so much hatred. So much that — if I weren't use to it— it would have made me cringe in fear. Her eyes tried to burn holes into my being, but my resistance wouldn't allow them to. It's been eight months, and finally I get to meet the woman that has been unheard of in this house- the woman that is off limits and her name can not be spoken for he views it as forbidden.

I was no fool. I knew without a doubt that this woman had scarred the boy that is standing over there with shock written over his face. I would wake up and see him standing in her doorway, just looking into her room as if she were there. I would hear her when she intruded his dreams. I've never seen her up close, only in a picture that he keeps in his nightstand under all his drawings of the world. The world that he draws as black and white, with small patches of red that resemble the look and feel of blood.

"So you done brought anotha' bitch in hea'?! What? Yeen' learn from the last time, huh?"

"Delilah you-you gotta go." Austin gritted out with his death glare never leaving his mother.

"Go fa' what?" The drunken woman spewed," Ain't nobody else left fa' ha' ta' take. Why she gotta go Austin?"

"Mama go ta' yo' room, Delilah I'm sorry but ya' can't stay dis' time."

"Dis' time?! Fuck you mean dis' time?!"

"Fuck." Austin grunted lowly.

"So dis' bitch been all up in my house?!"

"Ma c'mon man."

"Why da' fuck you hea' bitch?!" She yelled rushing towards me, only to be stopped in her tracks when Austin ran from around the counter and placed his back against my scared frame that shook—frozen— in the chair.

"Delilah, you gotta go home, aight? Stop panickin' and ova' thinkin', aight?" He coached already knowing I was freaking out.

"I cant leave you here with her." I whispered from behind him, while he stood in a staring match with his mother.

"I'm use to it, you gotta get outta hea'." His hushed voice urged.

"So what,"The woman aggressively dropped her purse,"You doin' dis' again Ant?"

"Ma look-,"

"Puttin' a bitch befo' yo' family again Ant?"

"Delilah ain't like dem' ma, s-she nice and s-she sweet ma...she help me." He pleaded to his mother while raising his hands up cautiously infront of him as he eased over to her fuming body.

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