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The Overview

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The Overview

Jameel Dixon

If I were to lose her I would fall so hard, I would plummet into this cement covered crust so hard, that every single bone that holds me together would turn into rubbish upon contact. What remains of me would then disintegrate into the air in the form of ashes. That's how bad I would end up if she were to leave my side. Everyone else is gone except for her; I've got to hold on to her even if the only thing I have to grab are tiny pieces of thread that cut at my fingers the tighter I grip them. I hold her right in the center of my heart. If everything were to collapse right now, and she were to fall off the face of the earth, I would follow her. I would follow her until I found her again. I can not lose her. She would be killing me if she left me here alone.

"Sis where are you?" I wondered as the old grandfather clock in the living room showed one in the morning.

She still hasn't made it home; the late nights were getting harder to cope with, but I couldn't show my distress to the Queen of my world. She had enough on her already overflowing plate. If only I was stronger for her, if only I could carry the weight of the Gods so effortlessly like she did. Maybe then I could give her the break that she so desperately needed. My sister, my guardian, was all I had left here, the only living relative that couldn't walk away from the burden that being a single parent brings. That woman deserves the world plus the universe.

And I can't wait until I'm able to give it to her.

Just a little longer, and I'll make it happen...

I have to.

"Baby bro?" I heard her voice ring from the front room as the sound of the door shutting followed.

I smiled widely as I pushed the rolling chair away from my desk and called back, "Sis!"

I ran to the front, greeting the love of my life with a hug big enough for a giant.

"It seems I was missed." She chuckled wrapping her arms tightly around my dreadlock covered head and shoulders.

"Always." I sighed out lowly.

I smiled peacefully against her chest. Being here, in her arms, against her warmth...was everything to me. Her existence alone was a source of ammunition for me to never give up. She made me want -scratch that- need to be great. My sister was my happy place, and I made sure she was reminded of that everyday. If I could build a pedestal that reached to the heavens and place her on it, I would. Sadly though, that is physically and geographically impossible. I loved her deeper than words could describe. She was my everything.

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