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is it true?

Austin Alsina…

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Austin Alsina

Three Days Later

For some odd reason the hospital seemed to be where my eyes were currently scheming over, and not the back of the school where I remember passing out at-well where I got stomped unconscious at. I had a headache that was splitting me in half and this bright light over my hospital bed wasn't helping at all. I couldn't fully view my body and when I tried to move my arm to raise the cover and see the damage, it only caused more pain to shoot through me— that alone let me know I was messed up pretty bad. Being that I couldn't move at the moment and my body wasn't reacting to my nerves telling it to move, I felt like a vegetable.

My eyes were seeing two of everything, and on top of that everthing that I was seeing was a big massive blur.

"Fuck." I grunted lowly after trying to turn my head to the side.

After realizing I really couldn't move, I just laid there, looking at the light above me—thinking, rememberimg the events that put me in this predicament in the first place. My memory is vague, but I remember bits and pieces of what happened.

I got in a fight with Justin's crew, I was holding up....and then I started losing the battle that was never really mine.

And right before I went completely down, someone came to help and defend me— an antisocial, crazy ass, stupid fucking person came to help me fight.

Fucking idiot!

Why would she do that? She sacrificed her safety her well-being for me. She could have died trying to help me— and I'm sure she knew that her dying was an outcome, so why did she do it? No one cares about me, no one runs when I come calling; not even my family cares. But she put her life on the line for a nigga that can't say he would do the same for her. Yet, that girl — the one who hides her pain— she ran to me...and I didnt even call her. I couldn't comprehend it, I couldn't justify it, I couldn't understand why she came to my side when I hardly treated her like a friend, or an associate. If anything I treat her like an enemy that doesn't know she's my enemy. So why? Why did she help me?

I aint never really had nobody, and when I had somebody they were taken from me — so she'll have to forgive me for the times that she feels as if I'm heartless. The world made me this way.

I just, I can't let her in...

No matter how hard she's deeming herself worthy.

"Delilah I really think you should stay in bed today, you've been moving around too too much."


"I-I know Ms. Morris, but I stay in here most of the time."

Her voice sounded like it was gone out and it pained her to speak. I couldn't see her, but I heard that strain and already knew when I saw her it would be hard to look at her for too long.

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