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I know what I did was not right..
But again, I was never meant to be an angel..

I was sitting in my room.

The room black as usual .. Just like I loved it..

Dark..  Just like my passion.. My hobby.. Myself..

The only light was of my laptop. Darkness is peaceful.. Darkness hides everything.. It hides you from everyone.. And for what I did, I needed to love it.. I needed to befriend darkness..

Only thing going in my mind was, I needed to do all these to keep myself and my family safe..

This was the only thing eating me since past two days..

I don't know what I had done.. This wasn't gonna go good and I knew it.. Something in me told me that I was in trouble.. After all I...

Oh never mind..

But my fear was my strength..

It was the thing I breathed on.. I lived with.. I Won with ..

It was something which was never able to take me over.. Cause I was the one to be feared..

Suddenly my laptop beeped.

I was stunned for a moment imagining what would happen now... The things I didn't want to happen..

I wasn't afraid of what will happen to me...

I was afraid about what I will do to them..

I was afraid for them who would cut my path and try to hurt my family..

I closed my laptop  and got my bag of clothes and some money and other stuffs which was already packed for such emergencies..

Always be ready.. Be prepared.. And I was more than prepared..

The door bell rang.

Well, I was expecting this. Of course I was..

This was the time...

Time to show the world who Argyl is..

Time to show them their place..

I held my breath. In a moment I heard the voice of my mum screaming. My dad was shouting on someone.

I tip toed to the living room.

Adrenaline rushed through my spine like always but I knew how to control my nerves..

I closed my eyes for a moment and opened them to take in the situation in front of me before anyone could see me..

There were four men covering their faces. They had guns in their hands.

I scoffed.

Only four??

You are here to get Argyl..

"Tell us!! Where is Argyl..?? Who is Argyl??" One of them asked her dad pointing the gun towards him.

My dad didn't say anything.. My mum looked like she was gonna faint..

I shook my head.

Wrong person they are messing with..

Time for the entry Ara..

I stepped forward..

"I'm Argyl.." I said in a calm voice from behind...

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