Interview One: AlaskaEverfall

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1. If you were stranded on top of a mountain with one of your hands missing, a single erasable pen and a chew toy, what would you write on, and what would you write about? Or would you just die?

 Supposing my left hand was missing and I was remaining with my right, I'd write on the chew toy, "Ramisa was here, 2012." I don't think my hand, freezing from the mountain, would be able to write anything else. xD Maybe throw the chew-toy down the mountain and hope somebody stumbles upon it?

2. If someone asked you to eat three thousand skittles over the course of two months for one hundred bucks, would you jump at the opportunity, worry about the health risks, or ask if M&M’s would be acceptable instead?

Easily, I'd worry about health-risks. Thinking about it logically, what's the point of having one-hundred dollars if I'm six feet underground? But since it's never going to happen, I'd say (unrealistically), "OH YES! HAND IT OVER RIGHT NOW!" ;D

{I appreciate your acknowledgement of the question’s hypothetical nature. Touche.}

3. What is you username backwards?

Never thought of this one! esohRetyhW, Ooh! I like this. ;)

{You’ve changed your name since you sent this to me… Awkward.}

4. Would I want to read your book if it was taped to the wall of a building that was slowly filling up with water and I only had ten minutes to escape or I would drown? Why not?

 I prefer my readers alive. So no, you wouldn't want to read it. ;) Save yourself. Seriously. Save yourself, m'dear.

5. What is your main character’s favorite color? Don’t act like you don’t know.

I've got too many main characters. O_O But I'll name them, anyway. :P (Some of them. My hands are too tired to name all my main characters, etc.)

MIMI - Pink

CORA - Green

SKYLA - Yellow/Orange

6. What kind of underwear does your villain prefer? To wear, not to eat.

Definitely clean ones. I hope. *awkward silence*

7. Would your main character’s crush win survivor by strength, by cheating, or not at all?

I don't fully understand the question, but possibly cheating.

{That’s because the question you were answering said “saviour” instead of “survivor.” Now I’m confused…}

8. Where do you hide when you’re upset?

In the shower. I cry in there. And when I come out, there's no evidence. :)


9. What is the funniest thing you have ever said while experiencing a sugar rush?

Hmm. Tough one, there. There was this one time where every-time my friend would mention her oh-so-yummy (gag) crush, I'd go, "And if that doesn't work, we can always burn his house down." Only 'cause I don't like him. :P (Doesn't really approve of boys)

10. Do you like waffles?

Sadly, I've never tried them. xD Must try them soon, eh? ;)

{Yes. Yes you should.}

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