Cat and Mouse

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After the Chief of Police had gotten the info he needed, he sent the handcuffed girl back to the main part of the office where she was then escorted to a small cell. It reeked of unimaginable things. She concluded that this was probably where they had kept prisoners until they were shipped off to an actual penitentiary. She lowered her head, staring downward at the dirty floor.

She thought of Zack. Wondering how he was doing and if he was okay. While also cursing herself in her own head for giving him away to the police. Unsure if they'd keep their part of the bargain in not harming him once found. Ray was uneasy from such thoughts. She closed her eyes. Focusing on remaining calm. All she could do was wait behind dingy rusted bars for her answer.

Days passed and finally she saw him again. Chained up like an animal. They threw him into another cell just next to hers. The two of them sat in silence as the warden paced back in forth. Monitoring their every move. Zack just glared and flipped him the bird. Causing him to lose his temper and kick the bars before walking out. Ray immediately went as close as she could to his side, worried sick.

"Are you alright, Zack?" Great concern in her voice.

Isaac just brushed her off. "Ehhh those guys are nothin. Though I took a couple of em' down before one son of a bitch, tazered my ass." he spat. Ray smiled, relieved he made it in one piece. Zack scratched the back of his head, trying to think of what to say. Embarrassed, he managed to utter a few loose words.

"Hey Ray..." He turned away bashfully.

"Good ta see you still alive." Ray blank at the words. Confused but oddly happy to hear him say this. "You too." she replied. Zack whipped his head back around towards the direction of her voice. An awkward silence came over them for what felt like hours. "...Yeah." Zack leaned back, trying to get as comfortable as humanly possible on the rock hard mattress. Ray leaned her back against the wall, trying to block out the horrid stench. She attempted to distract herself by talking more.

"Not too long ago, you said you still wanted to kill me." Zack abruptly sat back up, listening intently. "But not too long ago you said you were happy to see me alive... Zack. Do you really want this? Do you still desire my death or have things changed since then?" Her long sentences caused his head to throb. Though he managed to think for a few. Had he really wanted to kill her still? The question nagged at his very being. Causing him to feel nauseous. The truth was, Zack had started to grow very fond of Ray, knowing her all these years now, he at long last had permanency in his life. A person he could call a friend. Someone he actually cared about, good food, and a place to call "home". For the first time in his life, Isaac Foster had felt like a normal boy. Despite his homicidal tendencies he could actually live his life outside of isolation and loneliness.

He had Ray and that was more than he could ever ask for. He swallowed at the lump in his throat. Trying to say all this in his own words. But could only stomach saying "We can worry about all that once we get outta here." His voice monotone and slightly irritable. Just like old times. She smiled, content with his answer for the time being. "Okay."

After a few hours of sitting, a couple of guys went to Zack's cell. Naturally, he tried to attack one of the burly prison guards but was easily outnumbered. The commotion caused Ray to jolt. Pushing off of the hard springs in a panic. She heard aggressive grunting noises and then... silence. The group of bulky men walked into her peripheral, one with an unconscious Zack slung over his shoulder. "Wait--Where are you taking him?!" Her voice shook. No answer. Ray shook the bars rapidly. Trying to prompt a response. "This wasn't a part of the deal! You said you wouldn't hurt him!" She helplessly rattled the bars as tears welled up in her eyes.

"You promised!"

Then chief Reynolds walked in. "Woah, woah, eeeeasy there girly! We won't hurt your little boyfriend. He's just taking a little nap right now. That's all." he cooed. Ray looked mildly perturbed. A rare occurrence for someone so dead eyed, all the time. "If you hurt him, you'll regret it." She threatened. Ray had just got him back and she'd be dammed if she'd let him be taken away from her again. "Now, let's not be hasty here. If I wanted to hurt the brat, I would've done so already. We need him." Rachel's angered expression shifted to a look of confusion. "What do you mean by that?" The Chief cleared his throat harshly before continuing to speak.

"Isaac Foster is the key to this city's future." he scratched his neatly combed mustache before continuing on. "You see here in [COUNTY REDACTED] we have a lot of violence and financial issues. Every day many are killed in acts of violent crime or gang initiated incidents. We needed to find someone that could potentially snuff out these criminals and make it easier for both our department and the sake of innocent civilians living here. Which means we need more brute strength. Someone willing to erase the problem, if you will." Rachel listened. She was unsure of what his true intentions would unfold for her friend. Not being able to completely trust that he would keep his word, she tried to figure out how she was going to get Zack back and escape the PD.

But would she be able to pull it off? Would she get out of there in one piece after trying to defy the government and evade the police? The questions floated around her mind as she looked around the cell, looking for anything to aid her prison break. She had to think fast. God knows what sorts of torturous things they were doing to him. Ray wasn't about to wait around and find out.

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